Sustainable chat receives lecture “Indian and Photography”, Photographer Renato Soares

24 of May of 2017 - Photographer is nationally recognized for portraying life and customs of indigenous peoples

Artist recognized for portraying traditional and indigenous peoples | Photo: Renato Soares

Next Wednesday (31), Sustainable Papo receive the lecture “The Indian and Photography”, the renowned photographer Renato Soares. The artist travels the Brazil gathering photos of the various biomes, traditional peoples, and especially indigenous, a collection of more than 60 thousand images present in image banks, exhibitions and books.

The event will be free, with limited spaces, from 19h at the FAS headquarters, Rua Álvaro Braga, 351, Park 10 November. Entries can be made on the link:

Renato Soares is photographer and documentary filmmaker of Brazilian art and culture. From 1986, travels unusual regions of the country to register ethnic groups with their rites and customs; the people from every corner of the melting pot and traditions of the country. The taste for Archeology and Museology was a natural consequence of an intimate connection with indigenous peoples, mainly in the North and Midwest of Brazil, which was several times, which resulted in the book “Krahô, the Children of Earth” 1994. “Among the works of museology, there are the publications of books: “Pavilion of Creativity of the Latin America Memorial Foundation” ?? SP 1999, Survey and the People's Soul” ?? Acervo de Arte Popular Brasileira do Museu Edison Carneiro ?? RJ 2005.

The artist also develops the project “Images of Brazil”, an image database that compiles nature photos, art, cultura, archeology, popular parties, riparian and maroon communities, and especially, Indian nations in reserves around the country. Por meio da iniciativa, 30% the values ????of its assets are allocated to communities portrayed, as payment for the use of image rights assignment.

“From childhood I have always been involved with environmental issues, and Indians have always been on my way. Through this project, I seek to portray from the most culturally preserved Indian, as well as the degraded coastal groups, that culturally recreate, the returning by the image that gave me “, Renato explains.


Renato developed great research in Minas Gerais on religious art Master Athaíde. No Amazon, He worked with the Department of Tropical Medicine of the Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, investigating the endemic Chagas disease in the Upper and Middle Rio Negro region. ? collaborator “Scientific American” Brazil and currently has published in journals of high editorial expression, como a National Geographic. His images of Amazonian biodiversity and indigenous rituals won the world, through the exhibition Amazonia Brazil – Palace Discovered – A Space Amazon e a Reality and Future… Brazil Year in France – Paris, e O ?Finally Kuarup (Xingu) show photographic panels on the Kuarup the frontiersman Orlando Villas Boas, em Los Angeles – 2005. No Brasil, the same exhibition was at MASP, Art Museum of Sao Paulo, at the launch of the posthumous book of memories “Orlando Villas Bôas – Stories and Causos” 2005.

Over the past decade, dedicated to a personal project: show the geography and culture of a particular region in the south of Minas Gerais, resulting in the book “Mar de Minas”. Currently this featuring in all Brazilian capitals exposure “Kuarup ?? The last trip to Orlando Villas Boas”. Sponsored by Petrobras, the show was also abroad Expressions of Brazil event in Toronto, Canadá.