Bordering share experiences in Manaus on the Amazon undertake

17 of May of 2017 - Vagner Menezes, Mailson and Natanael Gondim develop business that benefits about 60 collecting families of seeds in the Middle Rio Juruá

FAS incubator staff and bordering on Startup Manaus | Photo: Thiago Looney

bordering entrepreneurs Juruá (832km of Manaus) presented on Wednesday (17) experiences on sustainable entrepreneurship for local startups. They participated in the Startup Manaus, event that brought together local businesses to exchange experience at Les Artistes Café Theater, and was supported by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS).

Vagner Menezes, Mailson and Natanael Gondim are residents of the community Bauana, rural area of ????Carauari-AM (880km of Manaus), and represent a business that benefits about 60 collecting families of seeds in the Middle Rio Juruá. The Community-Based Company (EBC) Bauana forest produces oils and derivatives with FAS support, Amazon Fund / BNDES, SAP and Newton Fund.

“The EBC is part of a story born of the struggle of extractive communities in Juruá, years ago. More recently, in 2014, We did a technical course in sustainable production, which opened a door for us. Now, now, we have access to equipment and other tools to facilitate our sales”, explains Maílson.

The project is one of five initiatives incubated by the Incubator for Social and Sustainable Business of FAS, which aims to provide a set of solutions to help entrepreneurs Conservation Units (UC). The action offer a solutions platform to become successful innovative enterprises, in partnership with the Fund Support of Amazonas State Research (Fapeam) and Newton Fund.

“Last year the EBC Bauana produced 660 kg de manteiga de murumuru, which were sold to large companies cosmetic. We hope in 2017 improve the manufacture of soaps and other products, and stimulate improved management, which will expand market access”, comenta Wildney Mourão, coordinator of FAS Entrepreneurship Program.