Standing in Forest receives notice 181 proposals for sustainable development

22 June 2017 - Near 123 proposals are eligible to be supported with resources of up to R $ 150,000 each

Guidance for submission of proposals in the foot in Forest Notice, in Presidente Figueiredo (Photo: Felipe Costa/ FAS)

No last day 11, Notice the "Standing Forest" closed enrollment for sustainable development projects in protected areas and ecological corridors Amazon. A partnership between FAS (FAS) and the Amazon Fund / BNDES, the initiative had 181 projects submitted by private organizations, nonprofit (associações, cooperatives, institutes, among others), with ideas geared to agricultural production, fishing, forestry and trade.

During the months of April and May, FAS team covered about 22 municipalities conducting workshops and giving guidance on how to present a project to the foot in Forest Notice. Segundo Mickela Souza, Notice coordinator, even with the wide dissemination, the number of registrations exceeded the expectations of the whole team.

"We expected to receive 60 proposals, which is the average for this type of announcement in our region, but the results have shown that there are many people in the Amazon with innovative ideas for sustainable development, â waiting opportunity ", said.

The Notice will support projects of up to R $ 150,000, in a total of R $ 2.5 million. The 181 proposals received, 123 they are eligible, ou historian, met criteria described in the document Notice and were referred to the technical evaluation of the Selection Committee. The list of all proposals received are available here.

The selection committee is independent and consists of professionals with extensive experience in developing income-generating projects, conservation and social issues. They evaluate according to the criteria described in the Notice and to achieve 30 points, They will be selected to participate in Project Development Workshop in July. The list of proposals selected for the workshop will be published on 12 July.

According Mickela, this phase is essential if the ideas are realized in proposals.

"Most organizations who have signed up have very clear ideas of what they want to do, but this is not always described in terms of a project. The workshop is an opportunity to detail these proposals with technical advice ", said.

The Project Development Workshop will be held at the FAS headquarters, period not 19 a 21 July.

Training for management of enterprises

After the Workshop, the detailed designs will be sent to the last stage. "This last stage consists of another workshop but now with the focus on the management of projects," says Mickela. This step is expected to day 11 until 13 October, with evaluation according to the criteria placed on Notice.

"This announcement is differentiated and adapted to the reality in which Amazon offers specialized technical assistance in the design and development of proposals throughout the selection process," concludes.

The selected projects must be conducted within 18 months and will have direct monitoring of FAS in their implementation for up to 24 months. All information about Foot in Forest Notice and on the selection steps can be accessed in the public notice in