bordering entrepreneurs participate in hospitality and launch of Forest Products Laboratory in Jirau Ibis Airport

29 June 2017 - Immersion ended last night with the launch of Jirau Forest Products, with cocktail prepared by EU and hotel chefs

entrepreneurs bordering contain cocktail with immersion in Ibis | Photo: Mariana Filizola


On the night of Tuesday (28) the Ibis Airport, da Accorhotels, He joined the history of the entrepreneurial community in the Amazon. Durante três dias, the hotel received community-based tourism entrepreneurs supported by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) for hospitality lab. Immersion has ended with the release of the first franchise Jirau Forest Products.

The bordering entrepreneurs participated in a hotel immersion, learning the theory and practice of the service of a hotel of Accorhotels. "They arrived and were received as guests, They checked in and all. See in practice how the service makes all the difference in time to meet and we made sure to offer this experience "says Alexandre Pereira, assistant manager of the hotel.

The group received training in the kitchen, in the rooms and at the front desk, going through all the stages of a stay at Ibis. In last Tuesday, the big end of the immersion was the launch of Jirau, with some products even made by community members who participated in the immersion.

One such community is Waldir Cavalcante, craftsman and owner five years ago of an inn in New Hope community, in RDS Puranga Achievement. He, the biggest challenge was the fast dynamics of the hotel. "There at the inn things are quieter, we catch the fish for lunch guests and serves on time ", said, "There are many guests all the time, the kitchen not to, the pace is another. Now for example, I'm talking to you while you ride this salty. Can not stop!”, says laughing.

For hotel managers, Alexandre Pereira and Daniel Betiol, immersion was also opportunity to learn from the traditional knowledge of coastal entrepreneurs.

"They already have a very rich experience and immersion allowed to align this knowledge with the hospitality practices of a large hotel, as a way to welcome guests, optimize production in the kitchen or even make a bed "says Daniel.

Before receiving the riparian group, the two managers have visited and stayed in some of the hotels inside. After meeting the owners of inns and resume contact in immersion, They incorporated some new features learned to Ibis.

"At the inn of Three States community ate the best cassava cake of my life made by Vania, who works at the lodge restaurant "comments. One of the participants entrepreneurial immersion, Vania Lima dos Santos taught cake recipe to the staff and chefs at the Ibis during the week, which has already been served for breakfast for guests. "The cake was a complete success. Already entered our menu "commented Daniel.

Jirau Forest Products

On Tuesday night (28), to launch the Jirau Forest Products, the menu was prepared jointly by the Community and by staff. The launch was also live music and the presence of FAS entrepreneurship team.

Caboclo loft is a term designating the wooden frame that is used in communities such as household utensil deposit, dryer fruit or fish smokehouse. Following this idea, the Jirau products is a space made of wood, for exhibition and sale of products produced by Community Forest, as craft, chocolate and networks.

Ibis Airport was the first hotel to receive the Jirau, one result of the initiative of the network partnership with FAS and the Riverside Entrepreneurship Program. According to Daniel Betiol, Hotel manager, the opening marks an important step in the local network valuation policy.

"One of the pillars of Accor is to help in the development of the region, promoting local community products and to incorporate it in hotels. The partnership with FAS allowed to go beyond us and share our experience in hospitality with uniquely Community "says Daniel.

The Jirau is located at the entrance of the Ibis Airport Restaurant indefinitely. All of the products are for sale and can be purchased directly at the front desk, fully reversed to income for forest producers.


Product loft in Ibis restaurant entrance (Photo: Thiago Looney/FAS)