Community health workers are trained Itapiranga the Early Childhood Program riverfront

13 June 2017 - Program enables agents to work in the urban area of ​​a municipality in the state, for the first time

health worker trained in Itapiranga | Photos Rhamilly Amud

community health workers in the city of Itapiranga (227 km of Manaus) They received in the last week training to work in the Early Childhood Program riverfront (PIR), Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS). During training, 25 health workers have been trained, among which 11 are residents of rural areas and 14 They are the urban area. It was the second time Itapiranga received training, the first time that the PIR operates in the urban area of ​​a city in the state.

The training was aimed at training community health workers, management group and community leaders to act in the Early Childhood Program riverfront. The training was given by nutrition professionals, Nursing and Social Welfare and included activities that combine theory and practice, with focus to visitation model and the situation of children in the municipality. The idea was to create a space for sharing experiences, clarification of doubts and technical improvement.

According Rhamilly Amud, program coordinator, training in Itapiranga represents an increase of more than 77% of children served by the Early Childhood Program riverfront, which will serve more 1139 children, total 2609.

Early Childhood Program riverfront

The PIR aims at the development of children in early childhood, comprising the band ranging from pregnancy to six years of age, por meio da integração das Políticas Públicas desenvolvidas no âmbito da saúde, education and welfare of the state and municipalities. The project is developed in partnership with Samsung and Johnson & Johnson. The training of the Early Childhood Program riverfront health workers should take place this year at the State Forest (Flores) Maués, Black River RDS, Juma, Anamã, Catuá Ipixuna and Uatumã.