Senate not, Superintendent General of FAS calls for paradigm shift in relation to the Amazon

12 June 2017 - Virgilio Viana took part in a solemn session in honor of 25 years of Rio 92, no Federal Senate

The general superintendent of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), Virgilio Viana, participated on Monday in a solemn session in honor of 25 years of Rio 92, no Federal Senate. In his speech, Virgilio emphasized the importance of legislative and executive powers come into step with public opinion regarding the conservation of Amazon forests.

“There is a disconnect between the will of the Congress and of the people. I see the discussion of MPs today [756 until 758, which provides for the Conservation Units reduction (CUs) Amazon], the Brazilian Congress does not represent the will of the people in forest conservation”, He defended the superintendent.

Virgilio, it is necessary for Brazil to change many paradigms, and that people take Amazon as relevant to the water security of the country. And that goes for the change in the way the offsets – carbon offsets – They are seen by the government.

“The Brazil supports a position on offsets anachronic, only for landfill projects and CDM (UN Clean Development Mechanisms), and not for forests. You have to put this issue in a new agenda, contemporary, where forests have more value in compensation”, advocates.

Virgilio also advocated a bilateral agreement with Peru, to encourage the protection of the Amazon River rising.

“We have to fraternize Peru, because the source of the Amazon River is not a protected area. It takes from a binational movement between Brazil and Peru, because today, the most symbolic river in the world, You do not have the proper protection it deserves”, he defended.

In the Eco-92 anniversary celebration in Senate, They were attended by the senators Jorge Viana (PT-AC) Cristóvam Buarque and (PPS), Marcos Azambuja, then president of ECO-92, former President Fernando Collor de Melo and Alfredo Sirkis, the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change.