Education Program and FAS Health is honored in the Amazon Legislative Assembly

2 June 2017 - Award was made at the Special Session Allusive Environment Day

Session celebrated World Environment Day | Photo: Danilo Mello

O Programa de Educação e SaUde da Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS) He received a Certificate of Merit of the Amazon Legislative Assembly (ALE-AM), Friday (02). The award was made by Mr Luiz Castro, in Special Session to Allusive Environment Day.

“The FAS has a very important job in environmental projects, e o Programa de Educação e SaUde tem papel importante no empoderamento do interior, with schools, equipment, instruindo agentes de saUdes, and also with the child protection program and adolescents, relevant work in rural communities”, said the deputy.

For the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana, the honor is a reflection of a work whose main purpose is to ensure the rights of the forest dwellers populations.

“The FAS is very honored to receive this award, as this recognition is a result of a work that aims to ensure protected areas communities (UC) access rights. As ações de educação e saUde ajudam a levar serviços a lugares que precisam, because we believe that value the forest is to value the people who live in it”.

Por meio do Programa de Educação e SaUde (PES), a Fundação visa a ampliação e a qualificação da oferta de serviços pUblicos de saUde, education and citizenship in riverine communities. The program develops several innovation projects, with the aim of promoting the improvement of children from zero to six years of education, teenagers, young people and adults as a central element of the conservation and sustainable development strategy of the Amazon.

comprehensive development of local children

On 2016, 1.470 children from birth to six years benefited from the Early Childhood riverfront project (PIR), por meio de formação de agentes comunitários de saUde em Unidades de Conservação (UC). Other 1.773 children and teenagers to zero 17 years served by the Integral Development Program for Children and Adolescents Bordering on Amazon (Dicara), leading environmental workshops, handicraft, music, computer and calling for young people in vulnerable situations in rural Maraã, Uarini, Carauari, Itapiranga and Novo Aripuana. More informations!