Forest Reporter launches photo exhibition "Amazon Hands"

26 June 2017 - Young riverside portrayed life in the community from pictures taken during the training of reporters Forest project



Santos Netto

The Tumbira community provided the backdrop for the launch of the exhibition "Amazon Hands", created by a participant Reporters Forest project, an initiative of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) em parceria com a Samsung, Amazon Fund / BNDES, Bradesco, Coca-Cola e Marriott.

With the regional theme, the exhibition came to life from the idea of ​​Odenilze Ramos student,19, who had a dream to turn your knowledge of photography in a presentation to the public of riverside communities.
"It was amazing! At first it was only a possibility, which was taking shape and became reality. This my creation arose from a conversation with friends photographers. Portray our reality is fascinating ", commented Odenilze.

The photos depict the routine riverside, always leaving in focus hands

Creating the scenario for exposure

To create the display environment, Odenilze Ramos had the support of colleagues from Reporters Forest project.

"The idea of ​​space came about through conversations through social networks, each was suggesting something and in the end we got this result. Remember that I had the help of my sister and my niece, who is also a project participant, to create the photos ", He stressed the reporter.

Still on the aid for implementing the initiative, Odenilze took the opportunity to thank colleagues of the project.

"I would also like to thank my fellow reporters forest, for all the help over the days. This is our moment, It is the result of a labor of love ", said,"It was a pleasure to do this work thinking of Tumbira, at all times when I was doing the photos, He sought to show their reality. I dedicate this exhibition to Tumbira ", He finished Odenilze.

German delegation prestige exposure

In a field visit to Tumbira community, German delegation met the forest and reporters accompanied the launch of the photo exhibition of young Odenilze.

For scientific or technical superintendent gives FAS, Eduardo Taveira, the event organized by the students of the project was fantastic. "Seeing these images, the photographic exhibition, I think the outsider, and even those inside the community, says a lot about the beauty that is the Tumbira community and all the black river”, said.

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Reporters Forest receive German delegation

Reporters from Tumbira community forest organized a press conference to receive the German delegation. At the time, os comunicadores da floresta lançaram a exposição fotográfica "Mãos Amazônicas". Check out what happened at the event. #ColetivaDeImprensa #ExposiçãoFotográfica #FAS

published by Journalists of the Rainforest Project on Monday, 12 of June 2017