Have any solutions to increase access to drinking water for people? We know it!

2 June 2017 - Call the Water + Access program will allocate R $ 600 thousand reais to deploy pilots with access solutions and treatment of water for communities in Brazil


The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), in partnership with members of the Alliance and Water Program +, announces the opening of the 1st Call Solutions that will enhance access and treatment to the water in a safe and sustainable way for communities throughout Brazil. The call will select and invest up to R $ 600 thousand in up to ten solutions to be deployed in the field next to the program partners.

The call aims to support and disseminate innovative solutions and models that can respond to some of the biggest challenges faced by communities and organizations in accessing and treating water for downtown communities renda.Os challenges have been mapped and diagnosed together with partner organizations and they are common to thousands of communities affecting millions of Brazilians. Registration is open to universities, companies, innovative, startups and solutions developers and runs until 07 July on the site: www.aguamaisacesso.com.br. In the same site are the challenges, Regulation and registration form.

The initiative is part of the Access + Water, released in March this year, a program and an unprecedented alliance in the country that integrates Instituto Coca-Cola Brazil, Banco do Nordeste, Avina Foundation, Instituto Trata Brazil and WTT (World-Transforming Technologies) some of the main organizations access to the country's water as SISAR Ceará, Health and Happiness Project, Network SISAR / Central Bahia and Amazonas Sustainable Foundation. Juntas, these organizations operate in more than two thousand communities and benefit around 600 thousand people of the North and Northeast.

The call + Water inaugurates the Collective Movement, a platform of open tenders and calls created by Coca-Cola Brazil to identify and support initiatives, solutions and social and environmental impact of projects that have the partnership, or support the company's investment and has a council made up of experts from various sectors. More information: www.cocacolabrasil.com.br/movimentocoletivo