Forest Artisans expose products in the biggest fair of Latin American crafts, EP-Olinda

18 of July of 2017 - Bordering been in the Trade Fair and Crafts in Brazil

Maria Rozenice, Clécio Arago and Pedrina Mendonça, artisans in the Amazon Fenearte | Photo: Wildney Mourão

Five one thousand kilometers. This is the distance that Mrs. Amaral Rozenice extra mile to join the great Brazilian artisans. Dona Nice, as it is known, leads the community group of artisans of St. João do Ipecaçu, on Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) do Amanã, in Amazonas. From 2015 the distance between your dreams and reality is changing. At the invitation of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), it was the period of 6 a 16 July this year for the second time the National Business and Crafts Fair (Fenearte), in Pernambuco, the largest craft segment in Latin America.

Nice lady took baskets, jewelry and other objects of teçume, parts of the raw material produced by the collective 32 Women of St. João do Ipecaçu, one of the communities served by the Bolsa Floresta (BFP). Getting there, known parts of the best artisans from Brazil.

The enormity of the fair served as a stimulus for owner nice seek development parts produced in reserve. And that's what the collective of artisans of St. John decided to make. From 2015 forth, women's Amanã participated in various workshops offered by FAS Entrepreneurship Program, getting renowned designers of Brazil with the help of the Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprise (Sebrae-AM) and launched its own brand: Teçume Amazon.

The evolution of Dona Nice and persistence of the group gave results. Na última semana, the artisan landed again in Olinda. This time, she exposed each 523 products led to FENEART in the Amazon stand.

"From the first time I went, our products have evolved significantly, both in design and in quality ", she says, "We have developed new dyes, for example, from the sheet crajiru, crocus. Our teçume won colors "says.

Amazon to Brazil

Besides the handicrafts made of teçume women of St. John, the stand of the Amazon in Fenearte this year had 200 Waste wood parts and 233 made from the processing of seeds collected in the reserve. These pieces were taken by local leaders, Clécio Arago and Pedrina Mendonça, the New Hope community (RDS Archives Conquista) e Saracá, at Rio Negro Negro. materials, different communities and stories. But all products from one source: the nature.

"The processing of seeds, OS tingimentos, wood waste: is all the result of observation and the use of what nature offers "comments Wildney Mourão, coordenador de empreendedorismo da FAS.

"No end, are all products associated knowledge by generations past manual and value nature creatively "concludes the coordinator.

Transforming Art

The work of forest craftsmen carries culture and creativity embodied in products that delight the originality. In addition to spaces in Brazil as Fenearte, promoting annual sales, today riparian craftsmen have a showcase in the Amazon itself: the Jirau Forest Products. Located in the Hotel Ibis Airport, in Manaus, The Jirau is a space made of wood, for exhibition and sale of products produced by Community Forest, as craft, chocolate and networks.

"The Jirau is an exhibition space and sale of these products located in an environment that has a large flow of people. This has increased the number of sales and is one more mechanism of generating income for craftsmanship "comments Wildney.

The craft has, so, a great potential to become the main source of income for communities in the Amazon Reservations, a way to make the forest worth more standing than cut. Furthermore, It is an important empowerment riverside path – especially women.

"I grew up working in the fields with my husband, but who took care of the money he was. What I wanted to buy had to ask him,"says. Since it began selling the Teçume the Amazon, especially in large fairs, things have changed.

"The craft has allowed me and other women from the community had our own income. Today we even lends money pros men ", says laughing.

After the results of Fenearte, no one doubts. The sale of the products of the Amazon Teçume women earned approximately R $ 9748.40. And the artisan has returned with orders for tenants to various places in Brazil. Two years after his first experience in Fenearte, she is coming back to St. João do Ipecaçu in a different way. "With a lot of inspiration but of empty bags", ri.