Athlete Amazon is the first Indian to represent Brazil at the World Archery

10 of July of 2017 - Nelson de Moraes ranked in last weekend for World Archery Cadet category which will take place in October, na Argentina

Nelson de Morais in selective in Marica, RJ, Last weekend (Photo: Anibal Forte / FAS)


The Amazon joined the history of archery in last weekend: the first time an Indian athlete will represent Brazil in the World Archery Championships. The classification was won this weekend by Nelson Silva de Moraes, 17, for the Cadet World edition to be held in October in Argentina.

Born in the community Kambeba Three States, a 70 km of Manaus, Nelson (Inha, in Kambeba) Archery is part of the Indigenous Project of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) from 2014, He has participated in international competitions like the Arizona Cup (USA), where he won the bronze medal, e o na Costa Rica Pan American Championship, winning the gold medal for the mixed team. The rating for a World Championship, however, It is unprecedented for the athlete – and the Amazon.

"It's a historic moment not only for the Amazon but for Brazil", said the coach of the FAS team, Anibal Forte. "Nelson is part of a team of athletes that comes in the surprising talent and especially the determination. And this achievement is a reflection of that, "concludes.

Nelson, the classification is a further step in the direction of a dream: compete in Olympics.

"When I started in 2014 did not imagine that one day would be in a World with the best in class, "says, "It certainly gives me confidence soon realize my dream and represent Brazil in Olympics", said the athlete, confident.

The Kambeba athlete ranked by the Brazilian team after competing in the final selective in Marica, RJ, with 17 Athletes from all over Brazil. He and the other two finalists will represent the country in the category Cadets, athletes from 16 a 18 years, the World Archery Championships Cadets, in the Argentine city of Rosario in October.


FAS project Indigenous Archery

developed from 2013, the project aims to contribute to the popularization of archery and strengthen the image and self-esteem of indigenous peoples of the Amazon. The action is a FAS initiative, in partnership with Banco Bradesco, Federation Amazonense Archery (Fatarco) and support of the Confederation of Organizations of the Amazon and Indigenous Peoples (Coipam), the Coordination of the Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon (Coiab), and the Government of Amazonas, por meio da Secretaria de Estado da Juventude, Desporto Lazer and do Amazonas (Sejel).

A iniciativa conta com o patrocínio das Lojas Bemol e Fogás, por Meio da Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte, and an unprecedented, It aims to contribute to the formation of high-performance athletes and the strengthening of the Brazilian team archery for local competitions, national and international, including the Tokyo Olympics 2020.