Virada Sustentável Manaus 2017 leaves legacy for city transformation

30 of July of 2017 - Festival held over 250 activities, in 13 spaces throughout all areas of Manaus

Paint shop in the neighborhood in the Redemption | Photo: Romahs Mascarenhas

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Manaus received this weekend Sustainable Turning over 250 atividades gratuitas, in all areas of the city, and participation of 300 voluntários, plus a large involvement of the population who participated in the cultural activities and also learned about recycling and preserving the environment.

The festival was held by the Institute Sustainable Turnaround, headquartered in São Paulo, in partnership with the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) until 36 nonprofits. Besides Manaus, the Virada will be held in nine cities this year.

Among the legacies left to the city, creating spaces for environmental education and ecological recovery . Entre eles, space "Reading Corners", the Cooperative Alliance, located in the neighborhood Compensates, which was revitalized under the coordination of company Ball Corporation, partner of Sustainable Turning Manaus, with the support of volunteers and residents. The space also won a number of books to ensure easy access to literature and environmental education classes.

Reform Cooperative Alliance, in Compensates | Photo: Michael Dantas

Rip Rap of Redemption received the seat of Ecological Revitalization Program and Sustainable Urbanization (Reus), designed by FAS in partnership with NGO transformation, Impact Hub Manaus, Global Shapers Community, Five companies house, Watercolor Home Design, Cerâmica Montemar e Amazon Cad, Rip Art project, the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM), the State University of Amazonas (UEA), as well as individual supporters like actress Cristiane Torloni, FAS advisor, Denis Minev e Luciana Minev

headquarters inauguration of Reusa, the Redemption | Photo: Michael Dantas

The reuse promote a stream revitalization action, Low cost, for ecological restoration and sustainable urbanization. It will also be installed sewer system to prevent the stream receives discarded materials incorrectly. Furthermore, the reuse will also be based Rip Art project, encouraging women's empowerment and is formed by residents who make crafts with recycled material.

Still in the environmental area, It was the withdrawal of seven tons of garbage and recyclable materials, discarded incorrectly in the waters of the Tarumã. The action was organized by the projects Cry D'Water and Environmental Remada, com o apoio de mais de 100 volunteers with stand up paddle, kayaks and motorized canoes.

Another legacy was left in the house Mamma Margaret, welcomes children and adolescents in socially vulnerable, and the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA). The walls of the two received painting and creative graffiti.

The Sustainable Turning Manaus also increased proposals to ensure a better city, more wooded, sustainable and socially concerned about the welfare of all. Because, They were held conversation circles about "Manaus of our dreams", racial prejudice, politics, suicide and other issues. There were also numerous activities and workshops on cooking oil recycling, pallets, glass bottles, pet, robotics, sustainable broom and other.

"The Sustainable Turning Manaus was an incredible festival, unforgettable, much engagement, solidarity and motivating. Why, we are sure that many volunteers and the population, who participated in the activities, They are felt more motivated to do better and to build Manaus that everyone dreams. We just have to thank you all for so many good things that happened in those two ", said the founder of Turn, the São Paulo André Palhano.

About Turn

The Sustainable Turning Manaus is an offering of GR and Ball companies, and is sponsored by Whirlpool, Consulate of Women and Alair Martins Institute (IAMAR), in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Sabin has the support of Clinical Laboratory, Word Animal Protection e Shopping Manaus Via Norte. Furthermore, It has support of the Secretariat of State for the Environment, Secretary of State for Culture (SEC), State Government of Amazonas, Manaus City Hall and Department of Environment and Sustainability (SEMMAS). Still has partnered with companies BanksiaFilms, Oazzi and Up Intelligent Communication.