FAS, And UFAM SEMA promote course on payment for environmental services

10 th August 2017 - On June 22 July was held the refresher course "Opportunities for the Amazon in the context of the payment by […]


On June 22 July was held the refresher course "Opportunities for the Amazon in the context of payment for environmental services", promovido pela Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS), Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) and Secretary of State for the Environment of the Amazon (SEMA). The training was attended by Henrique Pereira (UFAM), Philip Fearnside (INPA), Niro Higuchi (INPA), Isabelle Goulart (Idesam) Eduardo Taveira (FAS), Vanylton Santos (FAS), Gabriela Sampaio (FAS) e Liane Lima (FAS).

The course promoted the debate on the role of the Amazon, its main public actors, private and local. Furthermore, analyzed the regional development opportunities ahead to the challenges and global climate change. The course was part of the Climate Change Amazonian Forum schedule (fame), which aimed to share key concepts of climate change in the Amazon, regional development opportunities and to foster debate on opportunities and solutions.

graduate students UFAM, the FAMC members, members of the State Council for the Amazon Environment, as well as community leaders and indigenous people were part of the ongoing public. After the time of lecture, on TRUST, participants told with a field class riverside communities served by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation. During this time, participants were able to learn a little the dynamics and demands of coastal communities, income generating activities, projects supported by FAS and the importance of holistic structures such as the Conservation and Sustainability Center of Tumbira community, Sustainable Development Reserve in the Rio Negro.

Furthermore, could understand what the relationship of the forest and its inhabitants, discussing the benefits of ecosystem services, the importance of payment for environmental services projects (PES) in this context and appreciation of traditional knowledge.

Furthermore, the course addressed the importance of the Amazon for the global climate, regional e local, deforestation in the Amazon context; What are ecosystem services in the Amazon and REDD.

Brazil and climate change

Brazil has an important role in the climate agenda by being the holder of the largest tropical forest in the world, Amazon. And have conservation policies is one of the effective ways to protect forests. The implementation of PES projects and emission reduction projects from deforestation and degradation more sustainable management (REDD ) are strategies that align environmental conservation, sustainable economic development based on a forest-based economy and social safeguards maintenance of traditional knowledge.