Associations sell arapaima managed at the Fair Alternative Urban (Fuá), Neste domingo

28 September 2017 - managed fish live free in rivers and natural lakes in the Rio Solimoes and Jutaí, and has the support of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and partners


The associations of residents of Sustainable Development Reserves (Reserve) Cujubim Mamirauá and sell fresh and salted pirarucu, managed Conservation Units (CUs), the Fair Alternative Urban (Fuá) next Sunday (1). The fair is free and open to the public from 09h, at the headquarters of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), Rua Álvaro Braga, 351, Park 10 November.

When all, will be available for direct sale to the consumer eight tons of fresh arapaima, and half a ton of dry arapaima, having sustainable production authorized by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) e Secretaria de Estado de Meio Ambiente (Sema), and supported by the Bolsa Floresta (BFP), por meio do Fundo Amazônia/BNDES.

Fresh fish will be sold at R $ 18,00 the fillet kg, R$ 14,00 has ventrecha, e a R$ 5,00 housing. The dry arapaima will be sold at R $ 20,00 kg or from ventrecha, and R$ 23,00 the fillet. Direct marketing by managers to consumers, without middleman, will benefit 95 families of both reserves, and help protect fish stocks from the region.

"I do not drive, only to pescarmos 30% of pirarucus counted, with correct weight and dimensions, to guarantee the reproduction for the coming years. Furthermore, we have to protect the lake all year poachers, to ensure that the fishing quota is good. this requires a major effort of the communities participating in the management ", Bezerra explains Edvar, President of the Association of Extractive RDS Cujubim (AERDSC).

Health on the table

The community management is arapaima fish lakes and rivers, which has free life in nature. This feature ensures that the fish is organic, which provides greater flavor and health to consumers, explains the regional coordinator of FAS, Marcelo Castro.

"The management of Arapaima is a more tasty and healthy food, as the fish grew free in lakes. When fishing this year, fish had to 170 kilos, with weight average of the RDS Cujubim 90 kilos, Two-meter length. Then a population of fish with high quality, in addition to their diet consisted of a natural food, not receiving processed feed. Furthermore, when shopping for bass coming from sustainable management of lakes directly from the managers you are contributing to the maintenance of the species in protected areas and enhancing the local producer ", explains.

Feira Urbana de Alternativas

The Fuá is a cultural event produced by CasaCinco and FAS in Manaus, which seeks to spread the ideals of sustainability through its socio-educational activities. SUNDAY (01) edition will be marked by "Children". Nessa edição, the collection of donations will be for the Association of Parents and Friends of account Down the Amazon (Apadi), which will receive new or used toys that are intended for children with Down syndrome.