FAS and USP throw Day Amazon to train new leaders in sustainability in practice

11 September 2017 - Nesta segunda-feira (11), Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and the University of São Paulo (USP) Amazon launched the Day, a program […]


Nesta segunda-feira (11), Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and the University of São Paulo (USP) They launched Day Amazon, a pioneering program of learning in order to train new leaders in sustainability. The Day will be held on the banks of the Rio Negro, in February 2018, community of Tumbira (80 km of Manaus) and will last 10 days.

The methodology instigates learning, in practice, in three levels of knowledge regarding the theme Sustainable Development: systemic, Community and Personal. During a Day, participants will have the opportunity, for example, to develop a overview on Sustainable Development and its global challenges; connecting with the forest by empathetic practices; creating solutions, together with the riverine, to address local challenges and work for the rapid implementation of these solutions. Furthermore, after the end of the course, participants interested in creating impact projects for the Amazon region, They can count on the support of FAS to implement.

"One of the great advantages of the Day is the appreciation of the coastal knowledge on Sustainable Development – among the main facilitators, are locals who will share their experiences and build solutions together with the participants ", explains the project coordinator, Raquel Luna.

In addition to the local community who work for forest protection, como Izolena Garrido e Roberto Brito, The Journey also features, as teachers, a group of environmentalists renowned, among which are Virgílio Viana and José Roberto Kassai, USP. The process of collective learning was designed by a team of expert facilitators, which will also act in coordination immersion.

Aa Working day has as its target audience students and professionals from various fields of training, interested in seeking and sharing knowledge to build a more sustainable future. Registration can be made via the website https://www.amazonia-edu.org/jornada, until November, and the selected will be informed in December. The program is geared for people over 18 years.

Aa Day Amazon It is part of Amazon-Edu, focused platform for experiential education for sustainable development. With the certainty that the Amazon is potential to transform people, organizations and relationships, the platform offers opportunities courses for individuals and organizations to empower and inspire their actions in sustainability through fieldwork, study real cases and exchange of knowledge with traditional communities and experts.

About instructors

Virgilio Viana – General Superintendent of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation. Specialist in Amazon, climate change, Florestal management and Agroflorestal, environmental conservation, certification and sustainable development. PhD in evolutionary biology from Harvard University and Post-doctorate in Sustainable Development at the University of Florida.

Roberto Kassai – Professor to FEA / USP, PhD and MSc in Accounting and Accounting, Coordinator of the Center for Studies in Accounting and Environment of the Department of Accounting and Actuary School of Economics, Administration and Accounting (Necmi / USP)

Izolena Garrido – Community leader Tumbira and artisan of biojewels with local materials, Izolena is women Rio Negro who will share their knowledge with the participants.

Roberto Brito – Community enterprising and strong local leadership. Like other large community of characters, experience has numerous stories to tell in the forest. Will guide the group through unforgettable experiences in the woods that thoroughly understands.

Odenilze Ramos – part of a group of inspiring young people who are creating a new path of sustainable development in the communities of RDS Rio Negro. Along with the collective local youth will lead the group to collaborate with community challenges towards ODS.

Terezinha Macedo – Terezinha is simple and profound wisdom of the people of Tumbira. She, along with other local actors will receive the participants and invite them to participate in the day-to-day activities in the community.