Second edition of the Olympics forest takes emotion and renews dreams in the RDS Uatumã

19 September 2017 - Dirce by Quintino When riverside communities are created within the Amazon, football field, beside the […]

Children Maracarana champions of the sack race. Photo: Dirce Quintino

Dirce by Quintino

When the local communities are created within the Amazon, football field, beside churches, One of the first areas that create form. Far from the internet and often even the electricity, it is that children and adults take their time playing and social relations are strengthened. It is also on the football field that championships are organized, Teams are formed waiting for the opportunity to compete with other teams and thus clinch the champion. One such opportunity is the Olympic Forest, event reached its second edition in Sustainable Development Reserve Uatumã, located 237 km of Manaus, more precisely in the community Jacarequara, village that is home to about 100 families.

Neither the drought Uatumã river pulled over 230 Competitors come from outlying neighborhoods and communities of rural Itapiranga who moored their boats and tied their networks in the region, making a weekend to celebrate a unique moment in the sport race modes, corrida de sac, soccer, arco e flecha, volleyball, burned, table tennis, long jump and canoeing. The competition is aimed at young people 07 a 17 years participating in the Integral Development Program for Children and Adolescents in the Amazon Riparian (Dicara), Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS), project supported by the Bank and Samsung, promoting citizenship and provides access to computers, music, sports and leisure through courses, as well as basic guidelines of citizenship and health care.

According to the coordinator dicara, Ademar Cruz, the Olympics represent the moment of meeting the project's youth. "It is a very great dedication on the part of athletes. They train all year and this is the opportunity that these young people must compete and develop their talents ", said. Also according to the coordinator, organize an event like the Olympics is a challenge. "Delivering these Olympics in the rural community is so challenging when organizing an event in the city, because here you need to bring from fuel to generate energy to power for young people. But when you see the involvement of volunteers and the joy of competing youth is very rewarding and overcomes all the challenges ", concludes.

Local legends served as inspiration for the opening ceremony. Photo: Dirce Quintino

In the opening event on Saturday (16), young people showed that they were in search of victory. synchronized shows and rehearsed cultural performances inspired by local legends marked the opening ceremony and has also opened the scoring in the competition giving the Maracarana the gold medal. The opening ceremony also had the symbolic moment of lighting the Olympic cauldron, in which a young fisherman was featured as the protagonist of the scene.

The expected time of the draw of the clashes occurred the next morning. The race 100 meters opened the competition warming up to then start sack race, where they reigned absolute Maracarana children winning four gold medals in the form of the six disputes.

Children Maracarana champions of the sack race. Photo: Dirce Quintino

Parents and coaches dreams

Novelty of this edition, table tennis was the target of a trajectory that involved the dedication of a family. Upon learning of the sport in competition, Manoel Coelho, resident of the community of San Francisco Caribi, He saw the chance to train children for the Olympics. Built a table, bought rackets and balls in Itapiranga and from there began a preparation routine with children in the school free time. The reward came through the hands of daughter Larissa, 09, that despite the small size easily won the opposing reaching first place on the podium and also in football, which he took the gold medal playing for team 07 a 12 from the core. Even family, Brother Marcelo, 11, He got the bronze medal in table tennis.

The achievements of small only increased further Manoel de desire to see the children shining. "It is an internal competition, but I dream to bring them to compete a national championship or even get one Olympics. The doors are never closed, they are young and I know they have talent for it "says Manoel.

Manoel alongside children and Sabrina, one of soccer scorers Photo: Dirce Quintino

Amid so many dreams as Manoel, the Olympics Forest took the children and young people the opportunity to showcase a talent asleep. The Center's representative, Janildo Leite, 17, is one of them. In the last year of his participation in dicara, the young competed in various disciplines during the Olympics, but it was in the long jump that surprised Janildo, because it was where he managed a staggering 4,98 meters. "I dream of being able to represent the Amazon and Brazil in any other competition", says the young.

Children celebrate win in football. Photo: Dirce Quintino

Despite competition have so many sports, is with football emotions comes more to the fore. In the contest for male champion title 13 a 17 years, the Maracarana beat Team Santa Luzia by 4 a 2 in an exciting game that made Lord and Robson scorers of the competition with 2 goals each. In the final score of the second edition of Olympics Forest RDS Uatumã, Maracarana the team came out winning more gold medals, but when it is such a unique competition like the Olympics of the Forest, where children and young people participate in a moment that often gets to be unique in their lives, It is that you can see how important sport can be instrumental in the formation of young people and winning is just a detail.

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