With the presence of the actor Victor Fasano, environmental gymkhana of the Pro-riparian species meets the RDS Rio Negro

2 of October of 2017 - Prestigious by actor Victor Frasano, meeting organized in the Terra Preta community sought to educate young people about the preservation of biodiversity in the Amazon


Santos Netto

A recreational programming and knowledge marked Sunday (1), na comunidade Terra Preta, Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Rio Negro. The action is an initiative of the Pro-Species pilot project, developed by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) in partnership with Bradesco, Fundacao Biodiversity, Secretaria de Estado de Meio Ambiente (Sema) and Amazonas State Government.

The event aimed to integrate young people bordering so that they can, from the activities together, talk to each other on biodiversity.

With 70 Participants (students and organization), the contest featured soccer tournament, corrida de sac, jackpot, volleyball with water balloon, photographic exhibition and conversation circle on the importance of conservation of the species.

"It's a different experience to participate in this event, until then I had never left my community to participate in a youth meeting. It's moments like these that will help the construction of our thinking about our community, care of nature and animals ", said participant Thiago Guedes.

conversation circle

One of the anticipated moments during the day was the conversation wheel, where young people could share their experiences of living in the forest, in addition to learning more about the species of snakes present in the place and its benefits.

The conversation was mediated by FAS advisor, Victor Fasano, who was participating in the initiative and shared the importance of preserving the environment.

"People need to realize that species are part of the environment exactly as we do. We have to take the responsibility to care for the other species that live with us, they are important for the environment and for each of us also. A great opportunity for these children and young people understand more and more about the role of each of these species ", comentou Fasano.

Photographic exhibition Fauna and Flora

As a way to show some species of plants and animals on coastal communities, students Reporters design Forest and monitors Pro-kind held a photo exhibition during the event.

"This is the second photo exhibition that we held. It is always good to show our reality through the lens. This time we did in partnership with reporters of the community Three States and the result was amazing ", commented Gabriela Oliveira, Tumbira Forest reporter.

To finish programming, the teams were awarded and followed to their homes, with the feeling of accomplishment for having done a sunny Sunday, a large action for biodiversity.

"With all the challenges facing the logistics in dry season, the event was exactly as planned and we are very happy to see so many young people seeking knowledge about the environment in which they live ", Maiara concluded Gonçalves.

Project Pro-species

Pro-kind is a FAS pilot project that aims at the conservation of species of both plants as animals through environmental education, monitoring research and support community-based tourism focused on the knowledge of more species.