in Tefé, FAS held the 40th meeting of the Administrative Council

3 of October of 2017 - Event aimed to discuss the actions of FAS organizational strategic planning

Counselors were at the RDS Mamirauá - Photo: Dirce Quintino

By Izamir Barbosa

In September, the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) promoted the 40th meeting of the Administrative Council of the institution. The meeting, held on Friday (29) em Tefé-AM (632 km of Manaus), included proposals for the implementation of actions to strategic planning of FAS

Led by the president of FAS Board, Benjamin Sicsu, the meeting was attended by directors of public power segments, Sociedade Civil, business and academic, among them the actors Victor Fasano and Cristiane Torloni.

The directors and guests left the St. João do Ipecaçú community to visit the Craft House Women Teçúme Group D'Amazonia where there was a dinner to welcome them. At the time, the general superintendent of the FAS, Virgilio Viana, said the opening of the Voices of the Forest Festival, and also signed the agreement of Comprehensive Development Project of Children and Adolescents bordering the Amazon (Dicara) with Maraã Prefecture, to be held in 2018.

“The FAS has the enormous challenge of contributing to the Amazon is worth more standing than felled. This is also the role of all advisors who are here today, having the opportunity to meet more communities in which we operate”, the general superintendent highlighted.

The next day, that RDS Mamirauá, the directors knew the Conservation and Sustainability Center (CSC) Prof.. Márcio Ayres, in the Puna community and also been in New Field of community.