Rio Negro students present the results of education projects of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS)

21 the November the 2017 - Dirce by Quintino "Mission accomplished. I am very happy to have done what I did ". It was with these words […]


Dirce by Quintino

"Mission Accomplished. I am very happy to have done what I did ". It was with these words that the student Odenilze Ramos, 20 years, He referred to Reporters Forest, project which participated for three years in Rio Negro. The initiative is part of the Program of Education and Health of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), que conta com apoio do Bradesco, Samsung, Coca-Cola, IAMAR/Grupo Martins, Marriott e Fundo Amazônia/BNDES, It has promoted access rights to protected areas students (CUs) do Amazonas.

As Odenilze, near 100 Young people were on Saturday (18) community Tumbira, on Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Rio Negro (a 74 km of Manaus) to participate in the I Festival Education Project Closure of FAS, that mobilized students from 5th to 9th grade of elementary school and 1st to 3rd year of high school, from 10 communities in the region.

Projects such as the Young Entrepreneurs, Knowledge Exchange and Incentive Project to Reading and Writing (Incenturita), leading comprehensive care, entrepreneurial training and encouragement for skills like reading and writing for students living in areas of difficult access in the state.

Workshop Early Childhood riverfront. (Photo: Dirce Quintino)

"The main objective is to make the riparian students have access to a comprehensive view of knowledge, promoting reflection and transformation of reality itself ", explains the manager of FAS Education Program, Nathalia Flores.

One of the most anticipated moments of the event was the presentation of pieces of students Incenturita. Opening presentation, young people of the indigenous community Three States led the audience to play "Rodolfa", a tribute to the alligator turned community mascot thanks to solid waste management initiatives project.

Ask Rodolfo. (Photo: Dirce Quintino)

With strong interaction with the public conducted by students Neucilane Silva, 13, Riquelme and Braga da Silva, 15, the piece talked about caring for the environment, giving space for improvisation and adaptation of the nascimento de Jesus in a riverside community. Such creativity can be understood by the way the project is conducted during the year.

"These young people were free to create their presentations, they are defining how the stories will be told and now they can show to the public his talent and his culture ", He explained the PES manager, Nathalia Flores.

After the presentation, emotion took Neucilane account. "It was a unique experience. This year was more fun because it was I who presented and I'm sure the audience liked. I just have to thank FAS for bringing this project to us ", He concluded the young.

The second presentation was on account of the students of Conservation and Sustainability Center (CSC) Tumbira, at Rio Negro Negro. Frevo and samba been in pout-porri that young people have created to represent the cultural diversity of Brazil. In the midst of so much emotion, the moment of parting had come Odenilze.

"Reporters was a great learning experience in my life and I am very happy to have participated and being a forest reporter. Now I want to attend a college communication, working in the area and be able to return to my community, because I want to bring knowledge to my people ", plans Odenilze. It seems, the second part of the young man's mission has everything to work again.

Odenilze Ramos and Reporters coordinator Forest, Net Santos. (Photo: Dirce Quintino)

"Often what happens in people's lives is the result of a dream and what we are seeing here is the result of the dreams of many people. So it's a great satisfaction to see these things that seemed impossible before become reality today ", commented the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana.

The event with the participation of 20 volunteers from various fields such as communication, fotografia, entrepreneurship and crafts. Among them is the photographer Nathalie Brazil, which facilitated a basic photography workshop.

"It's great to contribute their knowledge, because young people are always open to experiences and knowledge. Photography is something to be exploited and challenges the person to think and reflect on things, I think I spent it for them ", says the photographer.