FAS funding debate for Amazon conservation, during COP23

8 the November the 2017 - in the event, Foundation highlights pioneering that Amazon has in relation to the reduction of deforestation and conservation

Photo: Felipe Irnaldo/Bonn, Germany

The Alliance REDD + Brazil met on Wednesday (8) non-governmental organizations to discuss the potential funding conservation projects in the Amazon. The action took place during the 23rd UN Conference on Climate Change, in Germany, gathering up 17 November representatives of 197 countries to discuss the reduction of global temperature 1,5 at 2 ° C to 2030, signed the Paris Agreement.

A pioneer in theme with the Emission Reduction project from Deforestation and Degradation in the country (REDD ) Reserve, the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) He presented the progress and challenges of sustainable projects related to REDD + (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation, more sustainable forest management).

The REDD + is a tool that enables organizations and governments capturing international resources for conservation and improvement of traditional populations quality of life. With 95% conserved forest, Amazon has great potential for storage, both the Paris Agreement, as the international civil aviation carbon market (Lane / ICAO). The conserved forest absorbs carbon and “neutralizes” in the form of oxygen, what is minimized in scale the impact of energy, industry and transportation in developed countries.

"The Amazon forest is a leading provider of environmental services to the world, with singular importance in the control and mitigation of climate change. This has to be properly rewarded ", He defended the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana.

The Foundation is one of the pioneer organizations in REDD + theme. From 2008, with the project on Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Reserve, FAS helped save an area of 589.612 hectares, helping to improve the lives of some 2 thousand families in the region. The Institute for Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon (Idesam), also develops initiatives in the State.

Data presented by the Alliance REDD + show that Brazil has great potential for funding for conservation, command and control deforestation in the Amazon. To 2030, it would be possible to raise up to US $ 70 billion through REDD + in the region, in a time when especially the country is experiencing a crisis in the environmental sector.

"The MMA had a large cut in the budget, IBAMA is depending on the Amazon Fund to strengthen their command and control actions. The REDD + will not solve all environmental problems in the country, but it will be an important alternative, and therefore must be present at COP-23 agenda ", explains Pedro do Soares, the Institute for Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon (IDESAM).

Formed by BVRio (Bag of Environmental Values), Biofílica Environmental Investments, Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), Center of Life Institute (ICV), Institute for Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon (Idesam), Institute for Amazonian Research (IPAM), Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Institute of Man and Environment in the Amazon (Imazon), the Alliance for REDD + Brazil works to promote the REDD + as a tool aimed at ending the illegal deforestation and generate resources for government, producers, traditional communities and indigenous.


FAS participates to 17 November Conference, which aims to bring together representatives from around the world in an integrated agenda for reducing between 1.5 ° C and 2 ° the increase in global temperature.

On June 10 November, The Foundation calls on the international community to discuss "How to reconcile the reduction of deforestation in the Amazon with the ODS", Space Brazil. The aim is to discuss strategies for the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals (SDSN) in the Amazon Basin with representatives of the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), the Amazon Fund / BNDES and the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change (FBMC), which met in Manaus this year.

On June 13, along with the Solution Network for Sustainable Development (SDSN-Amazon) and the University of Bonn, It will be held the event "Too Big to Fail: Amazon and solutions for sustainable development ", seeking to present alternatives for the conservation of the region.

Por fim, and yet to be confirmed, on 14 the event will be "New progress to measure the commitments of the government and private sectors to combat deforestation and reduce emissions" in partnership with the Institute of Management and Forest Certification and Agricultural (It maflora), Climate Observatory, Rainforest Alliance e outros, which will address the advances of public policies and private initiatives for the conservation.

On the FAS

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) é uma organização brasileira não governamental, nonprofit, de utilidade pública estadual e federal. Through its programs, It takes income generation initiatives, improvement of quality of life, Community empowerment benefiting about 40 a thousand people, moradoras de 583 comunidades de 16 Conservation Units (CUs). More informations: www.fas-amazonas.org

Text: Izamir Barbosa

Photos: Felipe Irnaldo