Amazon Protected Areas leaders gather in London to discuss Bolsa Floresta

13 the November the 2017 - From 13 a 17 November, 70 representatives 16 Conservation Units (CUs) State of Amazonas will be in […]


From 13 a 17 November, 70 representatives 16 Conservation Units (CUs) State of Amazonas in Manaus will be to evaluate and improve the strategy and implementation methodology of the Bolsa Floresta. The nineteenth Leadership Meeting, evento realizado pela Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS), It aims to promote institutional integration of FAS, partners and associations through public policy debates to improve the quality of life of riverine families.

Representatives of 16 UCs are in Manaus to discuss Bolsa Floresta (Photo: Dirce Quintino)

The event takes place at the FAS headquarters, located on the street Álvaro Braga,351, Park 10 November, and has an intense program which aims to train leaders in related subject to accountability, document management, indicators of community associations and financial education.


The first day of the meeting was marked by discussion of production and fishing with the participation of technical assistance director and forest extension of the Agricultural Development Institute and Sustainable Forest Amazonas State (IDAM), Malvino Salvador, the department head of the Executive Secretariat Deputy Agricultural Policy, Livestock and Forestry – SEAPAF / SEPROR, Eduardo Rizzo and the Deputy head of the department of the Secretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture -SEPA / SEPROR, Renilton Solarth. At the time, the leaders were able to question the government representatives what kind of contribution the institutions can give community organizations to improve agricultural production.

Roundtable Production and Fishing (Photo: Dirce Quintino)

On the same day the education proposals, public safety and sports and leisure aimed at the conservation units were debated during the round table "Progress and Challenges in Education policy and management, Eletrobrás, Sports and leisure", which included the Amazon education secretary's presence, José Augusto Melo Neto, youth secretary, sport and leisure Amazon, Janaína Chaves, and the representative of Eletrobrás, Valdelino Cavalcante – Eletrobrás representative.

Already on Tuesday (14), with the support of the Institute of Agricultural and Forest Management and Certification - Imaflora, the importance of the seal Origins Brazil as a way of valuing biodiversity products will be discussed in order to arouse the interest of local producers to become certified. On Wednesday morning (15), entrepreneurship is highlighted with a motivational talk about entrepreneurial mindset to be provided for sustainable entrepreneurship coordinator of FAS, Wildney Mourão.

On Thursday (16), Sustainable Papo will discuss the contribution of the Bolsa Floresta (BFP) for reducing deforestation and degradation in the Amazon state of conservation units and will be attended by the representative of SEMA, Itamar Francisco Gonçalves Melgueiro, researcher the National Research Institute dAmazon (INPA), Phillip Fearnside, FAS analyst in geoprocessing, Andressa Lopes, do Carlos Gabriel Koury, the secretary of the Association of RDS Canumã and beneficiary of the Bolsa Floresta, Emerson Moreira, teacher of the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM), Henrique Pereira and superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana. The debate will have to mediation researcher Neliton Marques, da Universidade Federal do Amazonas.

female participation

De acordo com coordinator geral Floresta Scholarship Program, Valcléia Solidade, the growing participation of women is one of the highlights of the event. "In this issue we are taking into account the Sustainable Development Goal No. 5 of the United Nations Organizations, to seek to achieve gender equality and empower women, and so we will have the participation of 26 women leaders, number that represents an increase of 37% compared to the previous edition ", said.

One of the women leaders in the state which is in Manaus is Itamilde Maria Barbosa, 45. Maria is president of Agroextractive Producers Association of State Forest Maués (ASPAFEMP) and has participated for the fifth time the event. "It is time that we have to present the results of our work and also an opportunity to build a country woman", concludes Maria.

Bolsa Floresta Program

The Bolsa Floresta Program (BFP) is a state public policy established by the Government of Amazonas in 2007. Its creation was a landmark of great importance both nationally and internationally in promoting sustainable development. The XIV Leadership Meeting has the support of the Secretary of State for the Environment (SEMA), patrocínio do Bradesco, Amazon Fund / BNDES and Coca-Cola Brazil.

See how was the first day of the event: