RDS Mamiraurá fishermen held last sale of arapaima managed in the year in Manaus

30 the November the 2017 - This weekend will be the last opportunity 2017 to buy direct managed pirarucu of the Reserve fishing […]

Fair managed Arapaima the FAS headquarters (photo: Bruno Kelly)

This weekend will be the last opportunity 2017 to buy direct managed Arapaima fishermen Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Mamirauá, the Solimões River. Producers will be the sixth, sábado e domingo (01 a 03 November), a partir the 07h, at the headquarters of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), Rua Álvaro Braga, 351, Park in front of the Miami condo.

A kilo of fish fillet will be sold for R $ 16,00, while a kilo of ventrecha (belly) cost R $ 14,00. Already the blanket (mixing the filet and ventrecha) the fish will be sold for R $ kilo 15,00 and housing will R $ 5,00. Payment will be made only in cash directly to fishermen.

"This fair aims to provide sustainable fish stocks, offering the arapaima as a good choice for the end of year festivities. All fish is legal and authorized, an opportunity for families in the city collaborate with the families of the fishermen ", emphasizes Edson Souza, Fisherman RDS Mamirauá.

The management of the Arapaima is a sustainable activity that takes place with support from the Amazon Fund / BNDES and is supervised by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama). The body controls the amount of fish to be caught in the lakes of Conservation Units (CUs), that are set free in lakes, where they feed on naturally and can be captured as they reach the minimum size 1,5 m.

The sale of the fish is supported by the Income Generation subprogram of the Bolsa Floresta, in partnership with the Amazon Fund / BNDES and Banco Bradesco and will directly benefit about 70 families living in the RDS Mamirauá.