sustainable projects in the Amazon are featured in international event

28 the November the 2017 - Held in Scotland, the World Natural Capital Forum brings together over 100 spokespersons of different nations to discuss economic issues, environmental and innovative


On Tuesday (28), the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) participated in the III World Natural Capital Forum (NatCap17), held at the Edinburgh International Conference Center, Scotland. The NatCap17 brings together over 100 spokespersons of various nations, among business leaders, government representatives and environmental experts to discuss economic issues, environmental and innovative.

At the time, the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana, He participated in a session chaired by the founding director of Economic Consulting to Middle UK Environment (Eftec), ECE Özdemiroğlu, on development financing.

Together FAS, also attended by representatives of the Gaborone Declaration for Sustainability in Africa (GDSA), the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Global Fund for the Environment (UNDP-GEF).

at the sitting, the speakers have shown what are the latest developments of economic mechanisms through natural capital, the challenges of developing such notes and steps to make it produce benefits.

The superintendent used the example of the work that the FAS held in 16 Conservation Units (UC) no state of Amazonas.

"It was a great opportunity to present the results achieved by the FAS, as well as discuss the challenges to expand and improve the programs and projects related to coastal communities and indigenous people of the Amazon. Furthermore, It was a great opportunity to develop discuss new partnerships ", said.

On the FAS

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) é uma organização brasileira não governamental, nonprofit, created in 8 February 2008, pelo Banco Bradesco em parceria com o Governo do Estado do Amazonas. Later, passou a contar com o apoio da Coca-Cola Brasil (2009), Amazon Fund (2010) and Samsung (2010), além de outras parcerias em programas e projetos desenvolvidos.