FAS and Amazon Fund disclose the result of "Foot in Forest Notice"

26 the December the 2017 - When all, 17 initiatives will receive incentives of up to R $ 150 thousand for the development of sustainable projects within the state

Projects will be supported by up to R $ 150 a thousand | Photos Clovis Miranda

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and the Amazon / BNDES Fund released on Tuesday (26) the 17 projects selected by the "Foot in Forest Notice", initiative to support actions to generate income in protected areas and their surroundings in the Amazon. The result includes proposals for various regional production chains: tourism, handicraft, fishing, açaí, brazilian nut, guarana and other, in a total of R $ 2,5 million reais incentives.

The list with the selected is available on link: https://tinyurl.com/resultadoedital

The announcement had 181 projects submitted by private organizations, nonprofit, such as associations, cooperatives, institutes, among others. The FAS team traveled 22 municipalities conducting workshops and guidance on how to submit a proposal for the Foot in Forest Notice.

"The purpose of the contest was to be inclusive, achieving maximum inside the institutions that work with conservation and sustainable income generation. This diversity is reflected in the results, with 17 proposals for different areas and work areas ", Mickela explains Souza, coordinator of the "Forest Notice on Foot".

trainings were conducted for project design and sustainable entrepreneurship in the FAS headquarters, and face and documentary technical analysis, accompanied by an independent selection committee. The last step was a detailed legal analysis by the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES).

as item 13 the edict, can appeal within two days after the publication of results. On appeal shall contain a detailed justification for the coordinator of Notice (mickela.souza@fas-amazonas.org), You will have to 15 days to respond individually to each resource, counted from the date of receipt.