Partnership FAS and Sidia will Provinha digital Brazil to remote communities in the Amazon

22 the December the 2017 - Teachers who work in the riverside communities of the Amazon count, from 2018, the software support EDK […]


Teachers who work in the riverside communities of the Amazon count, from 2018, the software support EDK (Educate), for quicker access to diagnosis literacy of students. The application was developed in the Industrial Pole of Manaus by Sidia – Samsung Information Technology Development Institute for Amazon, in partnership with the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and multinational Samsung.

The program for tablets and mobile help in implementing the "Provinha Brazil", assessment established by the Ministry of Education (MEC) that seeks to analyze the level of student learning students of the second grade of elementary school. Composed of Portuguese and Mathematics tests, the results allow teachers and administrators to obtain information to assist the monitoring and evaluation of literacy and early math skills.

According to the education and health manager of FAS, Nathalia Flores, the partnership with Sidia for the development of EDK stemmed from the need to expedite the evaluation result.

"The proof is not required and is usually neglected by distribution challenges. It is an important teaching tool, its results guide the teacher and qualify the intervention according to the needs presented by students ", said.

The "Provinha Brazil" using the EDK was first applied in 10 municipal schools in Itapiranga (distant 341 Km de Manaus) period not 04 a 07 December, involving 102 students. The electronic test allowed the teachers access to the outcome of the students on the same day, which can ensure a timely manner to develop specific work with groups of students and influence education policy, Mussa says Ronaldo, who led the project in Sidia.

"We are putting the technology to the population and ensuring that teachers can assess quickly and efficiently students, offering the best education. With this, we hope to contribute to the improvement of the state's literacy rates ", said.

EDK software testing were performed in Itapiranga

The content and application of methodology "Provinha Brazil" follow the criteria established by MEC.

"We have included the issues in the software and each student will make the proof in tablets provided by Sidia technology with Samsung, as directed by the teacher ", he stressed Ronaldo. hereafter, the EDK gain other features, which will allow the teacher, for example, interact with other professionals through social networks.

For Emiliana Pine teacher, pedagogue in the city of Itapiranga, the challenge is to get tested reach more communities, which becomes easier with electronic tools.

"It is important for the development of the municipal education, was a dream get to take this digital proof for all schools. Contribute much to reach remote areas, making quickly test and empowering managers to act quickly to improve the methodology in the classroom ", Pine says Emiliana.

Customer Solutions Manager Sidia, Álvaro Gonçalves, this tool provides a real opportunity to use the technology as support for educational managers better understand the situation of students in the most remote communities in the Amazon region. "Innovation Solution (considering the planned steps) allows improved diagnosis of students, becoming a tool for decision support of efforts and use of personalized content to guide students in the region to an adequate level of literacy and knowledge of key disciplines to their development ", Gonçalves stressed.

The expectation for 2018 It is to expand the project's area of ​​operation, in partnership with municipalities, State agencies and private partners.

Solutions in education for Amazon

The FAS is a partner of Sidia and Samsung in this and other educational initiatives. At the 583 riverside rural communities where it operates, a FAS, through the Education and Health Program monitors over 400 schools, with potential audience for software user.

For the evaluation of the students is carried out through the EDK, must be signed partnership with the municipal education of inner cities.

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