Partnership FAS and INPA takes acai harvesting tool for extractive

7 the December the 2017 - On the advice of the INPA Simple, productive and innovative. So is the crop tool palm fruit bunches […]


On the advice of Inpa

Simple, productive and innovative. So is the Amazon palm fruit bunches crop tool developed by the National Institute of Amazonian Research (Inpa/MCTIC). A partnership with the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) will allow residents of the Amazon protected areas use the "palmhaste" to increase the productivity of extraction açaí, community income and avoid accidents, that are common when using peconha and other instruments to climb very tall trees.

This Wednesday (06), Technological Innovation and Extension Coordinator (Assembled) INPA has made the delivery of six kits for the FAS palmhast, that will be taken to protected areas (UC) They are working with the supply chain of acai within the Bolsa Floresta. Near 300 Wood's drive families will be the first to "test" the tool, then the Alto Juruá, Mamiraurá and Piagaçu-Purus. Juntas, these total about UC 700 families.

"Three years ago we are working on this tool, which is to improve the quality of life of extractive and farmers collecting the fruits of palm trees of high economic value. If approved by EU, We can produce scale and increase income generation of people without at risk of life ", said one of the inventors, technical Inpa degree in forest engineering, Afonso Rabelo. The botanical illustrators Gláucio Felipe Bethlehem and France share the invention.

According to Rabelo, developing technologies for other uses of native fruits, Amazon there are about 180 palm trees, of which 20 fruits have high economic value such as assai, buriti, tucumã, pupunha, coconut and bacaba. The palmhast is a naval aluminum rod 18 meters high (Weighs 12 kilos) fitted with a sickle cutter and accessories (carter example of canvas to trim the fruits) which can be used in palm trees with and without thorn thorn, and increases the gain, avoiding wastage.

Using palmhaste during collection Buriti curls (Photo: Press Release / INPA)

"This is a technology developed by community need, and an association with FAS and the private sector will provide this tool, which is very important from the economic point of view and social ", said the director of the INPA, the researcher Luiz Renato de France.

To get an idea, in four hours of work with palmhast you can collect two bags in acai preserved forest area, which means difficult access. "This yields at least 80 liters of good quality acai, that sold 10 Real liter generates 800 real in one day. That is, soon pays the tool ", He told the accountant and engineer Arley Incarnation, which is a connoisseur of acai and has already tested the tool "successfully".

Know How

According to the coordinator Coeti, Noelia Hawk, palmhast of the kits delivered to FAS were produced by the company LM Maintenance, by confidentiality secrecy agreement. The technology is not protected by patent, and if there is interest in scale INPA should make a technology transfer contract Know How.

In this type of contract there is the transfer to a company's knowledge of the entire process recognized market value, ensuring legal instrument in time and until payment royaties. No Inpa, only water purifier inventor (water Box), researcher Roland Vetter, receive a royalty for the invention.

"This is a simple and useful technology very important to work in communities. The INPA has a vast knowledge and we have other 69 protected technologies, beyond that it has no protection that can be transferred to businesses and are accessible to society ", Hawk told Noelia, noting that protected technologies, 11 patents have areas in dermocosmetic, health and food.

Bolsa Floresta manager, Valcléia Solidade (photo: Dirce Quintino / FAS)

According to the manager of the Bolsa Floresta, Valcleia Solidade, the kits of palmshast will test in two to three months in communities. "If approved, we define investment workshop that the tool is important and can purchase more kits together at INPA, with whom we have an old relationship and with whom we have partnership agreement to test the technologies of the Institute ", he told Solidade.

The Water Box, for example, FAS installed in 12 communities. Now in partnership with the most access water project, the Foundation is leading collection system and water distribution, including solar water disinfector, for two other Rio Negro communities.

People or companies interested in acquiring palmhast, can contact the Coeti, by e-mail or by phone (92) 3643-3324 until 3643-3352.