Cuieiras Rio Communities participate in the construction course offered by Saint Gobain

5 de February de 2018 - Community Initiative trained in sustainable construction in the Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) mass Conquist


The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) e a Saint-Gobain, most sustainable construction company in the world, They have teamed up to bring education and information 30 householders, aged 18 until 40 years, residents of Rio Cuieiras. The program benefits residents from ten communities located, a 70 km of Manaus (AM). By offering, participants now have the opportunity to invest in a new profession and become multipliers of knowledge in their areas.

They received training in sustainable construction sponsored by FAS with the support of Saint-Gobain, as an alternative to improve the livelihood of their families. During 60 hours, underwent theoretical and practical lessons on basic concepts related to construction site, concrete, electrical, painting, hydraulic and other physical facilities.

In the practical part, students built a sustainable fuel tank and expanded the restaurant Sumimi, led by indigenous women and strong local tourist appeal. All the material used was donated by Saint-Gobain.

"By investing in the project, we are contributing to local economic development, generating new opportunities for income residents. Furthermore, riparian learned that it is possible to build in a sustainable way. The deposit is proof: It was constructed with wooden handled, which has low impact on biodiversity ", explains Paul Perez, Habitat Marketing Director of Saint-Gobain, which states that the company is interested in continuing the initiative.

Neurilene Cruz, community leader and one of the owners of Sumimi Restaurant, He says he has sought to expand the enterprise, receiving incoming groups 80 people at once. The biggest obstacle was the lack of funds, and mainly, from skilled labor. With the conquest of the Consulate of Women Award 2016, initiative of the Consulate Women's Institute, social action of the Consul, supporting female entrepreneurship and income generation, the money arrived, but still lacked adequate professional.

"Once we have received the certificate, they've offered us the service and we we come across time. Now, We have a space that holds up 100 people, before they did not fit 30 with comfort ", explain Neurilene.

It also reveals that the course has boosted development na região, since the community now has autonomy and proper knowledge to make the necessary reforms in local residences, how her case. Saint-Gobain participated through the donation of tiles and cement slabs and conduct training for application of these materials.

By offering alternative livelihoods, actions help fight the rampant exploitation of natural resources, helping residents to recognize that the forest standing - not overthrow - has more value to the community itself. The FAS projects have benefited 40 thousand people and helped protect almost 11 million hectares of the Amazon.

“The partnership with Saint-Gobain allowed the construction of a sustainable community infrastructure focused on generating income, from new materials that were not used by riverside communities. The course brings new possibilities to generate income, protecting the forest, is to build houses, or restaurants and inns in the Rio Negro region”, says Virgilio Viana, Superintendent-geral FAS.