FAS will Amazon innovative solutions for the World Water Forum, in Brasilia

19 of March of 2018 - Initiatives seek to promote access to water in remote communities in the Amazon

drinking water reaches homes in Rio Negro RDS | Photo: Dirce Quintino

Solutions for access to water in the Amazon will be highlighted at the 8th World Water Forum, which takes place from today until the day 23 March in Brasilia-DF. The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) state will experience in the distribution and purification of water that benefit around 9 thousand families living in remote areas, in 16 Conservation Units (UC). Participation has the support of Latam Airlines Brazil.

The FAS will present the history of sachets water purifiers (P&G Sachet), a low-cost technology used to convert contaminated water into drinking water, removing suspended solids or impurities. Each sachet four grams of purified 10 liters of drinking water, e em 2017, They were distributed 445 thousand units in RDS Amana, Canum, de Uacari, Reserve, Madeira River, do Uatumã, Mamirauá, Piagaçu-Purus, beyond the FE Maués and Resex Catuá-Ipixuna.

"Access to water and sanitation is a major challenge in remote areas of the Amazon, despite the abundance of water resources. Provide water distribution and purification systems is a challenge that has a huge impact for the conservation of the forest itself, which is fundamental to the hydrological balance of the world ", emphasizes the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana.

Another innovation is the Aguabox, developed in partnership with National Institute of Amazonian Research (Inpa). The features are designed to disinfect water using ultraviolet rays type C provided by solar energy, withdrawing the ability of microorganisms to multiply by a photochemical damage in its structure. seven devices were installed in the RDS Mamirauá, Puranga Conquest and Rio Negro.

Five were installed in San Francisco Buoy community, Porto Alegre, San Miguel, Syria and Maguari, that RDS Mamirauá, in 2016, and through the Water & Access Program, It was installed a scrubber in Solimõezinho community and an artesian well in the community Tatulândia, in RDS Puranga Achievement, in addition to a distribution system and water purification in Maharaja community, in the RDS Rio Negro.

Schools D'water

In order to prepare the children of future generations to understanding and practice of sustainable use of water, FAS promotes from 2016 School D'Água Swarovski, which has been conducting teacher training courses and students of RDS Piagaçu-Purus. The methodology of the School is adapted according to the reality and needs of each country and region.

"The coastal communities experience a precarious context in relation to access to water: in several of them there is the possibility of digging wells and the water is consumed directly from the river, with very little or no treatment. Furthermore, the vast majority of communities do not have adequate practices in the management and use of water, fact that negatively affects people and the environment ", explains the project coordinator, Raquel Luna.

On 2017, were two qualification rounds with students and teachers 10 communities of RDS Piagaçu Purus, focused on community engagement to dream and implement the infrastructure of schools, educational campaigns with students. A first round of impact monitoring is underway and will close the first project cycle in April 2018.


At the World Water Forum in Brasilia, the Foundation will hold seven events dedicated to water resource management, advances and challenges for promoting sanitation in remote areas of the region, in partnership with the Amazon Fund / BNDES.

On Monday (19), discuss financing mechanisms for conservation of the region along with several partners, in session from 16:30. On Tuesday (20), FAS performs the event "Addressing climate risks of vulnerable communities”, at 11 am, We need to address how climate change can impact the lives of riverside communities in the Amazon, and discuss outputs and visions of various public and private actors for this.

On Wednesday (21), to 09h, the organization chairs the panel “Efficient use of water to stewardship: the industry is aware of the risks and opportunities related to water?”, which seeks to bring together representatives of the 3rd sector, science and industry to discuss the impact on consumption and responsibilities to climate change.

On Thursday (22), They will be held three events. The first at 9 am, “Management with water awareness”, seeks to create bridges between public policies and funding for projects aimed at conservation of water and sanitation in the Amazon, historical obstacle to regional development. The discussion of participatory methodologies for the decision-making process on water resources management will be event agenda at 11 am, facing public managers and organizations that deal with the cause.

at 14h30h, the Foundation should discuss the challenges for the protection of the hydrological potential of each biome, from their specificities and views of different specialists. And at 16:30, ending participation, the foundation will discuss climate change adaptation, and as Amazon communities are adjusting to the effects of flooding and more frequent dried. Confira a programação completa: