FAS promotes dialogue on ways for the small-scale mining

27 of March of 2018 - The event sought to promote a debate with stakeholders on intersectoral mining in large and small scale (MPE).


For Macarena Mairata

On Tuesday (27), took place the seminar "Mineral Production of small-scale: International experiences ", event sponsored by the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), Solutions network for Amazon Sustainable Development member (SDSN, its acronym in English). The event sought to promote a debate with stakeholders on intersectoral mining in large and small scale (MPE).

The renowned British researcher Steve Bass of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), He told about the development work by IIED in Ghana, located in West Africa, which resulted in changes to the stock MPE making – formalized, inclusive and sustainable.

Steve said that to achieve these results transformers, dialogues have been promoted and that these dialogues involving research, which included mining companies and communities, more dialogue in the field and with the policy of each site; it was necessary to create learning and leadership groups, and create a "Map of the way 'so that, there was a reform MPE.

For the Secretary of State Environment (SEMA), Marcelo Dutra, dialogues like this are important because they suggest ways with solutions to sensitive issues with Mining. "The Amazon is a state that has conservation and has much potential to become a reference in sustainable development. We must not give up dialogues like this because they are pointing paths with solutions ", said Secretary.

The communications specialist at the International Institute for Environment and Development – IIED, Gabriela Flores, He pointed out that mining is still a male activity – yet that have many women working in the activity, but we still need to be the formalization of MSEs, because only then, such activity can be inclusive and sustainable.

During the passage of Pope Francis by the city of Puerto Maldonado, na região Madre de Dios, the expert also addressed on mining in the Amazon region during the event "La Amazonia We Want", sponsored by SDSN-Amazonia network.

According to the general superintendent of the FAS, Virgilio Viana, dialogues like this promote ways to solve problems of complex issues that many, shirk to reflect. "We promote dialogues like these that are challenges. We believe dialogues are like these, which has the contribution of various sectors, that will bring us solutions that point to ways to take the illegal mining ".

FAS 10 years

Taking income generation initiatives, improving the quality of life for about 40 thousand riparian within the state, FAS held a 10 years of activities in the Amazon still promoting a week of action to discuss sustainability in the region, involving partners, institutions of civil society and international organizations.

SDSN – Amazonia

The Solutions Network for Sustainable Development in the Amazon (SDSN, its acronym in English) It was launched in 2012 the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, in order to mobilize various actors to support the dissemination and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDSN) through technical and political integration of these actors. No Amazon, The Amazon is SDSN-secretary for Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS). More informations: www.sdsn-amazonia.org.