NOTE ESCLARECIMENTO: participation of FAS in CAPDA selection, Suframa

28 of March of 2018 - The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) states that are incorrect and false information disseminated by some media regarding […]

FAS Headquarters | Photo: Felipe Irnaldo

The Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) states that are incorrect and false information disseminated by some media on the competition for coordination of priority programs bioeconomy, established by the Committee of Research and Development Activities in the Amazon (Capda), SUFRAMA.

(i) It is unfounded that the Foundation has received any direct or indirect benefit of any public entity in their 10 years of history. The FAS is an institution that ensures the highest standards of ethics and transparency, and received in March the outcome of the twenty consecutive audit PwC approved unqualified.

(ii) The Foundation participated but a public announcement of CAPDA, along with four other institutions of the Amazon, and presented technical proposal following all the rules in force, seeking to offer a higher technical level project. The FAS also issued a formal notice of criticism of CAPDA, because the envelopes were not publicly open, as required by law.

(iii) It is wrong to claim that will be transferred R $ 200 million to the institution that will be accredited: the notice does not provide for contribution of funds, but only for the accreditation program management performed with funds from the beneficiary undertakings the Information Technology Law (under the laws 8.248/91, 10.176/01, 11.077/04 until 13.023/14). So, the selected institution will contribute in attracting such resources, the obtaining of their own competence.

(iv) The FAS holds no political party link. Senator Eduardo Braga, which supported the establishment of FAS ago 10 years ago, does not participate in management of the Foundation and does not exercise any influence on the management, which is totally independent and professional.

The mistaken dissemination of such information only reinforces the lack of knowledge about the functioning of the Information Technology Act in the Amazon, and the importance of serious and professional institutions such as the FAS to make the P resources&D are used in an ethical and efficient way to promote sustainable development of the Amazon.