FAS Fair: result of registration for exhibitors and gastronomic varieties

13 by April of 2018 - Saturday (14), there will be a mandatory meeting (from 10h to 15h) for all selected exhibitors, na established by FAS. For further inquiries and contacts, enter via e-mail: feiradafas@gmail.com.


The organizing committee of the first FAS Fair publicly announces the result of registration for exhibitors in the gastronomic event spaces and the varieties, which will take place on 22 April at the headquarters of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) , 9h to 20h.

The FAS Fair will be a place where the creative economy, education geared to sustainable development and the enhancement of regional culture will be present in every third Sunday of the month with culture, sustainability, cuisine and entertainment.

The event is free and is part of Agenda FAS Sustainable Cities, leading projects focused on the concepts of improvement of the city and urban sustainability, from the social mobilization and engagement, as Sustainable Turning Manaus, Reus, Dia Only, Sustainable chat and Award Turn Manaus. The FAS Fair is held in partnership with the cultural producer Jander Manauara and Sustental Projects.

Remember that tomorrow , Saturday (14), there will be a mandatory meeting (from 10h to 15h) for all selected exhibitors, na established by FAS. For further inquiries and contacts, enter via e-mail: feiradafas@gmail.com


Selection results


Variety exhibitors

1. Jessica Mousse – Crochelier
2. Cleucilene da Silva Nery - Kukalelê
3. Ana Ramos de Souza - Atelier Costurinhas
4. Ana Julia - Mi.Nature
5. Rildo Victor Cavalcante - Cash For What?
6. Carlos Melo - Carlos Melo
7. Vera Lucia boiler Pinheirto - Art Vert – Sustainable furnishing products
8. Leó Gonçalves - Full of Grace Art
9. Edsa Nássara Silva - Association of Income Generation of Alternative Groups Manaus
10. Janete Gall – Nicca_Fashion
11. Thay Oliveira – Nerd Baby
12. Rebeca de Carvalho Valente - Mimos of Beca
13. Sophia Targino de Andrade - Make Account Workshop
14. Kerolayne Kemblin - Clubomin
15. Raimundo Luz - Corner of Light
16. Dolores Lima - Finos Aromas
17. Elizeu da Silva Souza - Rita Prossi
18. Floripes V. Silva - Silva Flower Artisan
19. Barbara Achievement - Studi092
20. Alice Marks - Amorarte
21. Aguinaldo Pepper Smith Jr - JBARTES
22. Maisa da Silva Sousa - Pet Shirt
23. Hideu Rabelo de Freitas - Hideo Rabelo
24. Larissa Prado - Jelly and Products Sitio Panc
25. Taskya Ingrid - Ingrid Táskya
26. Elanne de Souza Menezes - Pano Owl
27. Cecilia Silva – Kombi Hippie
28. HipArt (Ong)
29. Alessa Carolina Freire - ComposTerra Amazon
30. José de Souza Agricio - What house plants Foot
31. Light field

Gastronomy of exhibitors

1. Amanda Rocha - Laricalicious
2. Vanessa Portela - Padoca the Hereditary
3. Felipe Carvalho - Wolfgang Hamburgueria
4. Tania Rosete Tavares Vieira - Kitchen of Rosete
5. Wolnei Cesar - Skewered fish
6. Luce Helena Rodrigues - Taste of Mines
7. Cecilia Maciel Altran - herbivorous
8. Luciana Gomes Santos - Sitting Dog
9. Margareth reategui - Margo pastries
10. Marcia reategui – Mr.frozen
11. Kethleen Rock - Look ja dindin
12. Luciana silva albuquerque - Amazonian Acai Mix
13. Luana - Luana Melo – vegan ice cream
14. Leandro Mustafa - The Bearded
15. Hilma Alencar - Cupcake Workshop of the Two Sisters Browneria
16. Satya Ardaia da Costa Vieira - Bike Stand
17. Marcos Antonio Alves Muniz - Tradition flavors
18. HipArt (Ong)
19. Coffee Mariza