2ª FAS Fair: result of registration for exhibitors

10 of May of 2018 - Saturday (12), there will be a mandatory meeting (from 10h to 15h) for all selected exhibitors, na established by FAS.


The organizing committee of the first FAS Fair publicly announces the result of registration for exhibitors in the gastronomic event spaces and the varieties, which will take place on 20 May the headquarters of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) , 8h to 20h.

Recalling that Saturday (12), there will be a mandatory meeting (from 10h to 15h) for all selected exhibitors, na established by FAS. For further inquiries and contacts, enter via e-mail: feiradafas@gmail.com

The event is free and is part of Agenda FAS Sustainable Cities, leading projects focused on the concepts of improvement of the city and urban sustainability, from the social mobilization and engagement, as Sustainable Turning Manaus, Reus, Dia Only, Sustainable chat and Award Turn Manaus. The FAS Fair is held in partnership with the cultural producer Jander Manauara and Sustental Projects.

Variety exhibitors
1. Erlison Fabricio de Souza Santana - Linda's Art with Love
2. Raimundo Luz - Corner of Light
3. Elizeu da Silva Souza - Rita Prossi
4. Ana Ramos - Atelier Costurinhas
5. Floripes Vieira da Silva - Silva Flower – craftswoman
6. Adriana Correa - trucks Folded
7. Fabiane Patricia Marques de Azevedo - Suatentavel Joinery
8. Roberto Wagner Duarte Xavier - RXavier
9. Kerolayne kemblin - ClubOmin
10. Jucilene Oak seixas - La's art hat
11. Carlos Henrique Albuquerque - Kitchen & Art
12. Rebecca Valente - pampering of beca
13. Thaysa Cardoso - Workshop Alchemy Hippie
14. Denizal Melo - Electronic Arts
15. Rosangela Alves - Anama
16. Sâmia Amorim - Maria Sâmia . seams Creative
17. Ana Julia - Mi.nature
18. Elane Vieira - Vieira Arts
19. Ivaniele Pereira da Silva - Atelie World Felt
20. Larissa Prado - Jelly Panc
21. Alessa Carolina - ComposTerra Amazon
22. Anny Bayma Tashiro - Amazon Magic organic
23. José de Souza Agricio - plants House FOOT WHAT
24. Denison Freitas - Balloons gas and amusement
25. Rebecca Valente - Pula jumps from Beca

Gastronomy Exhibitors of relationship
1. Hilma Alencar - Two sisters Browneria
2. Kethleen Rock - Look ja! dindin
3. Luciana Albuquerque - Amazon Acai Mix
4. Amanda Rocha - Laricalicious
5. Marcia reategui – Mr.frozen
6. Margareth - Margo of pastries
7. Fabio Rosa de Matos - Art Vert
8. Marcos Antonio Alves Muniz - Tradition flavors
9. Marina Souza - Violet Flame – charity kitchen
10. Larissa Cauper - Sweet studio healthy cooking
11. Tania Rosete Tavares Vieira - Kitchen of Rosete
12. Dario Barbosa Litaiff junior - Gastronomy Class CIESA TGS02NA
13. Júlia Rojas - Chilean Empanadas