3ª FAS Fair: result of registration for exhibitors

30 of May of 2018 - Saturday (2), there will be a mandatory meeting (10h to 16h) for all selected exhibitors, na established by FAS


The organizing committee of the first FAS Fair publicly announces the result of registration for exhibitors in the gastronomic event spaces and the varieties, which will take place on 17 June at the headquarters of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) , 8h to 20h.

Recalling that Saturday (2/6), there will be a mandatory meeting (10h to 16h) for all selected exhibitors, na established by FAS. For further inquiries and contacts, enter via e-mail: feiradafas@gmail.com

The event is free and is part of Agenda FAS Sustainable Cities, leading projects focused on the concepts of improvement of the city and urban sustainability, from the social mobilization and engagement, as Sustainable Turning Manaus, Reus, Dia Only, Sustainable chat and Award Turn Manaus. The FAS Fair is held in partnership with the cultural producer Jander Manauara and Sustental Projects.

Gastronomy Exhibitors of relationship
1. Fabio Rosa de Matos - Art Vert
2. Andrea Marcia de Souza Reis - Chicken of Deia
3. Poliana Vieira da Silva Santos - Santos Poly
4. Cleoseneide dos Santos Lopes - Delights Of Cleo
5. Tania Rosete Tavares Vieira - Kitchen of Rosete
6. Fabiano Sheep - Vatapará
7. Nancy Lorena Rincon Maniguaje
8. Dalva Andrade - Made with Love – Homemade food
9. Kethleen Rock - Look already dindin
10. Ana Carolina Souza - Sweets Granules
11. Cleide Maria De Sousa Cruz - Joy Pot
12. Hilma Alencar - Cupcake Workshop of the Two Sisters Browneria
13. Judy Hellen Oliveira Souza - Le Petit Sweets
14. Thaissa Beatriz Moorish rebouças - Maria sweetie brigaderia

List of Varieties of Exhibitors
1. Silvia Michele Melo Furtado - Re-Inventing Art
2. Alexa Almeida - Mucho Gusto Flavors
3. Floripes Vieira Da Silva - Silva Flower
4. Raimundo Luz - Canto Da Luz
5. Lacimar Barrier Castelo Branco Junior - Pallet Decor
6. Rebecca De Carvalho Valente - Pampering From Beca
7. Maria Cristina Da Silva - Cloth's Decor
8. Lylle Abreu - The Ladies Flea
9. Gilberto Andre Dos Santos - Serra Gaucha Representations
10. Kelly Oliveira - Florelly Cacti and Succulents
11. Idaeus Rabelo De Freitas - Book Deleted Reports Of History Books
12. Iza Santos - Attitude Mainstream
13. Andreza Costa - Want Pay As?
14. Jessica Moss de Souza - Crochelier
15. Murielly Lopes Cruz - Photo Box Manaus
16. Paul Laborda - Phlaborda
17. Fabiane Azevedo - Joinery Suatentavel
18. Aymee Rock - Amber Silver
19. Rip Rap (ong)