Shipping by RDS Cujubim discusses social and environmental challenges in Rio Jutaí

3 of May of 2018 - In early April, the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) He was on mission on Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) do Cujubim, localized in Jutaí, a 750 km of Manaus.


In early April, the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) He was on mission on Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) do Cujubim, localized in Jutaí, a 750 km of Manaus. The mission aimed to interact with families living on the challenges and social and environmental advances in reserve, through participatory workshops and environmental monitoring. The actions are part of the Bolsa Floresta, which has the support of Amazon / BNDES Fund, Bradesco and Government of Amazonas.

They were in the expedition scientific technical superintendent of FAS, Eduardo Taveira, the regional coordinators of the Foundation, Marcelo Castro and Edvaldo Correa, in addition to the Secretary of middle-AM Jutaí environment, Assis Moreira.

The activities of the mission began on Tuesday (03) in Tefe with a meeting to define the next actions to support the Casa community Flour Packing New Field, that RDS Mamirauá. The next day, in Jutaí, happened meeting with City Hall representatives who discussed the municipal support actions developed by FAS in RDS Cujubim.

In the Book, in Vila Cujubim, the activities began on Friday (06) with the presentation of FAS vision based on strategic planning 2030, made by the scientific technical superintendent, Eduardo Taveira. Na sequência, the regional coordinator, Marcelo Castro, He made the assessment of the projects implemented between the years 2010 until 2017.

Support management

One of the most important moments of the visit was a workshop definition of investment income components and association of the Bolsa Floresta. The management pirarucu activity was chosen by the residents for support and marketing dry / salted fish, considered the main problem, will have special attention this year.

pirarucu management was chosen activity for support. Photo: Dirce Quintino

"The marketing support is key, once you can put the fish into other markets and competitively, consequently, greater appreciation of the product ", said the FAS coordinator, Marcelo Castro.

According to the environmental secretary Jutaí, Francisco de Assis Moreira, the City will support the activity providing professionals Production Department for the management of lakes, and provide resources for the flow of production.

In the management of Arapaima, the Jutaí Prefecture is committed to hiring a health worker to work in Paradise community and also with the construction of a school on site. "The proposal is to improve, in partnership with FAS, the quality of education so that education be made based on the reality of the riparian students before the economic practice and community social life ", said the secretary of environment.

environmental monitoring workshop

During programming, Community reservation had the opportunity to participate in the environmental monitoring workshop facilitated by monitoring and evaluation analyst, Andressa Lopes. The activity also included visits to plantations and some residents had to identify with maps through the hot spots in the reserve, and guide the community on the practice of acero.

Community identified hot spots in the reserve. Photo: Dirce Quintino

The mission in RDS Cujubim was completed with the delivery, sachets water purifiers P&G, a simple solution for processing drinking water, besides the clothes donation collected by the Community's own.

See how was the mission in Vila Cujubim: