The riverfront: flour produced by Uarini-AM Community will be launched on Thursday (21), in Manaus

20 June 2018 - In addition to quality, product will help farming families to keep the forest standing

Photo: Dirce Quintino (FAS)

On Thursday (21), a regional lunch marks the launch of flour riverfront, produced entirely by Community Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Mamirauá. Developed with support from the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and Amazon / BNDES Fund, the flour should help to generate local income and valuation of standing forest, having as origin label-AM Uarini, region renowned for the quality of the product. The launch will be from 13h in the Patio Gourmet restaurant, located in Av. Djalma Batista, 1203 - Our Lady of Grace.

In addition to Amazon traditional community leaders, They are confirmed the presence of the actor Victor Fasano, the poet Amazon Celdo Braga and several Amazonian personalities. The menu will be served by the head Mark Pompey.

"The Riverside" comes from the Uarini-AM municipality 569 kilometers from Manaus, and has every production process done in a sustainable way in the RDS Mamirauá. In this process, cassava is planted and benefited from 68 farmers in the Middle Solimões, from sustainable maintenance processes of clearings.

After being produced in flour mills sanitized with FAS support, The riverfront is taken directly to the New Field of community, within the reserve, to be finally packaged and marketed by residents' association Mamirauá Anthony Martin (Amurmam).

"This meal is 100% original Uarini, without mixing with flour or flour type B Water. It is the first project led by riparian passing through an industrial process autonomously. The big difference is that in addition to quality, this flour helps protect the forest, It is a sustainable source of income generation in the heart of the Amazon ", explains FAS entrepreneurship coordinator, Wildney Mourão.

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics / Municipal Agricultural Production (IBGE - WFP), Amazon has interests in more than 10% flour production states of northern Brazil and is considered an activity of great social and economic relevance, especially in food and feed, as well as the use of raw materials in many industrial products.

"The Solimões region has adopted the management as Arapaima sustainable practice, and flour comes help in this income-generating process. With support from flour mills and packaging machine, the tendency is to increase production and engage more families ", explains producer riverside Alcione Meireles.

The production of flour riverfront is an activity within Foot in Forest Program (PFP), a pioneering initiative that aims to reward and improve the quality of life of coastal communities of the Amazon, responsible for environmental services provided by forests. The program is implemented in 16 Conservation Units (UC) state of sustainable use created in the Amazon. The action has the Amazonas State Government support, represented by the Secretary of State for the Environment (SEMA).

The PFP supports initiatives for improving health in the production process. Care in cassava washing and oven cleaning are passed on in production processing courses by FAS staff, from 2011. Between 2016 until 2017, They were invested almost R $ 485 thousand Income Generation Sub-Flour in the Production Chain, in 13 Conservation Units (UC) where acts FAS.

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