Event in Manaus discusses plastic pollution in the rivers and streams of the Amazon

4 June 2018 - Event marks launch global campaign for conservation of rivers, with the participation of Minister of Environment (MMA), Edson Duarte and Denise Hamú, UN representative Environment

Event will discuss pollution of rivers and streams in Manaus | Photo Michael Dantas

During Environment Week, the conservation of rivers and lakes of the Amazon will be the agenda of the seminar "Of clean rivers for clean seas with the ODS", which takes place in Manaus on Friday and Saturday, 08 until 09 June. The event brings together various actors in the environmental segment in Brazil to discuss the challenges of conservation of rivers and streams of the urban environment, and the impact of this for the conservation of the global hydrological potential. The opening of the action takes place on Friday (08) from 09h at the headquarters of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), Rua Álvaro Braga, 351, Park 10 November.

They will be at the time the Minister for the Environment (MMA), Edson Duarte, UN Representative Environment in Brazil, Denise Hamú, the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana, and the Secretary of the Amazon Environment, Marcelo Dutra.

The event includes a week of mobilization against plastic pollution, UN Environment, and aims to promote a dialogue between actors, organizations and relevant guidelines on the challenges linked to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDSN), with reference to the current situation of river pollution by solid waste, and to promote a dialogue for building and methodologies for such environmental problems.

In the last decades, the plastic production increased dramatically, with 230 million tons in 2009, 265 million tons in 2010 until 299 million tons in 2013. Estima-se that 10% the annual production of plastic has the oceans as a destination, and if there is a drastic change in the policies and practices of production and consumption, the trend is to increase this number. No Brasil, near 80% of plastic waste come from cities and correspond to waste that is not collected and has an inappropriate destination, estimating that approximately 2 million tons of this waste come to the oceans annually.


On Friday (8), They will be discussed by means of panels and debates the challenges for the implementation of integrated solutions for the conservation and sustainable development river and sea, and social perspective, economic and environmental associated with the problem of pollution of rivers in urban areas. The idea is to propose a positive agenda for conservation and pollution of rivers and streams, from dialogue with various sectors of society.

With the presence of representatives of UN Environment, MMA and SEMA, the event will launch the stage of the "Clean Rivers for Clean Seas", mobilization for conservation of rivers, streams and other tributaries.

During the Sabbath (9), at 08h30 will be a clean-in streams Tarumã, bringing together various stakeholders and community conservation practices actions. at 10 am, the delegation visit the Restoration Project Amazon Sustainable Urban (Reus), located on the banks of the Giant Igarapé, where they chat with the locals and know a practical solution for conservation.


The event is free and has only limited spaces for Friday (8), registrations begin today (4) and will until the day (7) or until the vacancies are filled properly. To ensure participation in the two-day event, you must complete the registration form with the requested information. Additional hours will be available to participants.