Initiative "Clean Rivers for Clean Seas" UN Environment is launched in the Amazon

12 June 2018 - The action, which aims to reduce the amount of plastic that will stop the seas, It was launched in Manaus as part of the celebrations of World Environment Day

Photo: Dirce Quintino

Prevent plastic pollution from rivers reach the ocean is the goal of the "Clean Rivers for Clean Seas" of the United Nations Environment Program (UN Environment), launched on Friday (8) during the seminar "Dos Rios clean to Clean Seas with ODS", which brought together representatives from academia, civil society and government sectors at the headquarters of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), in Manaus.

The event was sponsored by FAS, UN Environment, Solutions Network for Sustainable Development in the Amazon (SDSN-AMAZON) and Secretary of State for the Environment (Sema), in Manaus.

The initiative was launched by the Agency of the United Nations in early June as part of the celebrations of World Environment Day. It aims to integrate the Amazon to fight against plastic pollution that invades our oceans ensuring, at the same time, the conservation of rivers, streams and other tributaries of the region. To have a dimension of the problem, near 80% of marine pollution originates on land and are the freshwater courses leading sewers, pesticides, heavy Metais, plastic waste and other pollutants to the coast causing damage to people's health and ecosystems.

The general superintendent of the FAS, Virgilio Viana, explained why the importance of the agenda not only for the environment, but also to human health. "The challenge of ending plastic pollution in the seas begins in rivers, much more than beaches, are the banks of rivers that carry huge amounts of plastic polluting the oceans worldwide. And not just the oceans, but the actual pollution of plastic in the rivers is a factor of concern because it affects human health. The microplastic entering the fish meat is eaten by people and has extremely worrying effects on health. Besides the impact on human health, We have the environmental problem related to life, much water as other forms of lives affected by pollution from plastic ", said Virgil.

During the occasion, the representative of the UN Environment in Brazil, Denise Hamú, He highlighted the importance of the Amazon in the campaign and dialogue promoted by FAS.

"Manaus is critical to the success of this campaign because of the Amazon River, the Amazon rainforest, for what it is and the challenges you find here. The work that the FAS has been developing in some of the city's streams is very important to have conditions to do a project that we are proud of a lot in the future. No solution you can achieve alone in the environmental area. You have to work in an integrated manner, in collaboration so that we can actually get the results we need for our society, for the planet. dialogues, as seen at the seminar, They are proof of that ", said.

Movement representatives Global Goals Jam, Pedal Manaus and scream D'Water attended the seminar on Sustainable Development Goals (SDSN) and practice of integrated solutions, collectively pointing improvements needed to the streams of Manaus and public policy to implement recycling with an intrinsic practical environmental action in the city.

On the occasion of the launch of the campaign, It was presented the application litterati, an app that tracks the trash in real time geolocalizando, qualifying and identifying that brand comes. The application created by Jeff Kirschner, Search fun way mobilize its members about the responsibility we all have to waste that generate and support new regulations to encourage sustainable actions. The application is free and available for Android and iOS.

cleaning action on Lake Tarumã

On Saturday morning (9), FAS and the UN Environment, in action coordinated by the Movement Cry D'water and support of the Municipal Public Cleaning (Semulsp), They organized a cleaning action on the Tarumã lakeshore, at Rio Negro Negro, with boards of Stand Up Paddle, to remove waste properly. The activity marks the beginning of the agenda "Clean Rivers for Clean Seas" in the Amazon and with the participation of volunteers to run.

The superintendent of the technical-scientific FAS, Eduardo Taveira, He says it is important to raise awareness about the garbage disposal

“It is important to understand that when it comes to disposing of waste or, just throw it away, there is no "outside". We are in a closed system, where everything stays where it is. So rivers, mares, everyone is connected ", said.

The action is aimed at Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations (SDSN) number 6, which envisions a commitment to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all and all, and ODS 14, which aims to ensure 2030 the conservation and sustainable use of the oceans, the seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

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