No AM, Community restaurant is opened by enterprising riverside rural region of Novo Airão

26 June 2018 - When all, 7 riverine families Tiririca's Community will benefit directly from the project

Photo: Izamir Barbosa

In this Saturday (23), riverside of the entrepreneurial community Tiririca, located in the city of Novo Airão (a 180 kilometers from Manaus) within the Sustainable Development Reserve of Rio Negro (RDS of Rio Negro), give the local population the "Community-Based Restaurant of Tiririca". The project directly benefits 7 community families, in addition to providing other tourist track option and regional gastronomic.

O Restaurant “The Corner Japiim” It was built together with the Community technical training and logistics Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) by foot in Forest Program (PFP), the project received support from the Amazon / BNDES Fund, Coca-Cola and Bradesco. "The community of Tiririca, to be very close to the municipality and Novo Airão and has received a very large flow of tourists, He found the possibility to establish the restaurant as an attraction for the region and, also, an opportunity to develop the entrepreneurial potential that community have ", says the manager of the PFP, Valcleia Solidade.

The administration of the property is fully made by the riverside, that they have been properly trained to business models, innovation, product development, financial management, market and impact assessment. After the inauguration, the expectation is to provide to the Tiririca community tourism and the city of Novo Airão a new script option, besides generating income for entrepreneurial riverside and their families.

Novo Airão is a much sought after due to the color pink river dolphins. In the region, It is the second largest archipelago in the world, the Anavilhanas, which has more than 400 Islands. in the city, It is also the National Park Jaú. "We are delighted with the opening of the project and we are sure, by tourism account already present in Novo Airão, the community of Tiririca can expand your horizons ", points.

The incentive for the construction of the Community Tiririca restaurant is an activity embraced by foot in Forest Program (PFP), a pioneering initiative that aims to reward and improve the quality of life of coastal communities of the Amazon, responsible for environmental services provided by forests. The program is implemented in 16 Conservation Units (UC) state of sustainable use created in the Amazon.

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