project 13 municipalities already receive resources Foot in Forest Notice

16 June 2018 - To 2019, They will be invested R $ 2,5 million to support projects aimed at generating sustainable income


since March, 15 projects to support productive chains in the state had signed contracts of the Amazon Fund / BNDES to receive investments forest Notice Standing, supporting sustainable initiatives for income generation in the Amazon. The notice must invest by the end of 2019 R$ 2,5 million in the productive chains of acai, brazilian nut, handicraft, and other management pirarucu, which should generate income and move the economy 13 municipalities of various regions of the State.

Each project will receive up to R $ 150 thousand to invest in structural actions, as acquisition of equipment, installations reforms, purchase of inputs and working capital. So far, They have been transferred R $ 1,3 million to 13 projects. shares were included in the municipality of Tefé, São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Manipur, Beruri, New Airao, Alvarães, Good Source, Apuí, Itapiranga, Maués, Coari, Barcelos and Nova Olinda do Norte.

Before the transfer, the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) held several preliminary technical visits to verify the situation of the enterprises. The initiatives began then a project management workshop, where methodologies and best practices for asset investment were presented.

"To receive investments, the projects undergo training focused on entrepreneurship and sustainable business management, and receive technical advice. The idea is to keep pace and challenges we extract lessons learned from each process ", explains the general superintendent of FAS, Virgilio Viana.

in Coari, the Community Association of Our Lady of Aparecida Farmers received the transfer, which will benefit 22 farming families with the construction of seven greenhouses for farming grocery, and garden tractor for the production flow. All that is produced targets the school lunch Coari headquarters and supply the city itself.

"We worked in the business for a while now and we will raise this production with the foot in Forest Resource. This will enable increased production, it will generate more income for new farming families, with a production without pesticides and all natural ", explains. Josemar Battle Mendes, 31, Project's coordenador.


From 181 proposals submitted, the tender selected 17 based on criteria and an independent selection committee composed of specialists in anthropology areas, agricultural sciences, conservation, and enterprise management. 15 They have signed contracts and 13 They have started receiving the transfer and implementation.