In Sustainable Turning Manaus, FAS promotes space to inspire children to build a more sustainable world

27 of July of 2018 - The Sustainable Turnaround is considered the main festival of sustainability in Brazil and must mobilize throughout the weekend over 350 voluntários


The 4th edition of Manaus Sustainable Turning promotes, this Saturday (28) and sunday (29), cultural activities, educational, ecological and leisure in over 25 capital of points. More than 250 free and open shares to the public. Access the complete schedule here. Among the participants of the activities, the Education and Health Program (PES) Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS) develop recreational activities with children on Saturday at Mindu Park and on Sunday, the width of San Sebastian, 10h to 16h.

O stand “small Curupiras” It was designed by the PES manager educator, Anderson Mattos and environmental education analyst at FAS, Maiara Gonçalves to promote greater inclusion of children on sustainability through playful activities that promote environmental responsibility within Amazon.

"The aim is to promote a creative space, simple, playful and inspiring, that welcomes children and offers environmental education and art education created to educate children about the importance of treating more carefully the Amazon rainforest, which is our common home. The curupira, protection of forests and animals is who leads the environment, increasing, a network protectors and caregivers forest standing”, Anderson says Mattos.

No sábado (28) in the morning, the artist Gisele Riker, It provides an experience of art education for children using organic materials through painting and collage for the production of frames. On Sunday afternoon (29), have activities related to the project "Look at the snake," the biologist Luciana Frazão, PhD UFAM with search competitions for endangered species and animal viewing in VR glasses (virtual reality) until, Parallel to this, children will make paintings of Amazonian reptiles threat.

according to Mattos, the “small Curupiras” It is a place to "is a building space, dynamic and sustainable after Virada will be on issues of FAS Fair and other events related to environmental education for children always sowing the idea of ​​environmental responsibility for children in various places ".

Virada Sustentável Manaus

The Sustainable Turnaround is considered the main festival of sustainability in Brazil and must mobilize throughout the weekend over 350 voluntários.Entre the spaces chosen to receive the actions of the festival are the Mindu Park, Science Grove, Parque Sumaúma, Musa Botanical Garden, Largo San Sebastian, Ponta Negra Beach, besides fairs, bus terminals and other points.

“The proposal is to reach all areas of the city, especially areas with large movement of persons, taking culture and environmental awareness for the entire population dynamically, fun and free”, explains the coordinator of the Sustainable Turning Manaus, Paula Gabriel.