7º Bike Forum Manaus discusses urban mobility in Brazilian cities

9 th August 2018 - Event will discuss the role of the bicycle and mobility for 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDSN) UN Organizations (UN)


The bike and the future of urban mobility in Brazil will be on the agenda at the 7th Forum of Manaus Bicycles, free event that takes place in the city between days 15 until 17 August. An embodiment of the Pedal Movement Manaus and Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), the action will occur always from 19h at the FAS headquarters, Rua Álvaro Braga, 351, Park 10 November inscribed limited on site www.fas-amazonas.org

With the theme "Bike and 17 ODS to ONU: a new sustainable urban development agenda ", the forum aims to discuss the scenario of cycling in towns and cities in Brazil. discussion will be promoted, panels, project presentation, roundtables and urban interventions, with the participation of municipal government, private and third sector representatives who work to active mobility.

Among the confirmed speakers are Geraldo Alves and Tatiana Schor, da Universidade Federal do Amazonas (I trust), Zé Lobo, recognized for the work in the organization Active Transportation, of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo Nogueira cicloativista Suzana.

"The overall objectives, as set forth in ODS, They seek to consolidate human rights and the bike is already fulfilling these goals throughout the world, showing once again that the cities urgently need to invest in them ", says the coordinator of Pedal Manaus, Nadia Aguiar.

Topics such as income generation, sustainable communities, gender equality, health and well-being are some of the issues discussed. The dialogue with the government and citizens will also take place as instrument of awareness to the issue.

According to the coordinator of the agenda of the Foundation Sustainable Cities, Paula Gabriel, the forum is important because it "brings a vision of how the promotion of public policies for the bike and the use of this mode of transport has a direct and indirect impact on ODS, which underpin the new urban agenda in the world which came into force from the Third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development ".

The VII Bicycles Manaus Forum has the support of Manaus City Hall, Amazon Network Group, Makro Producer, Tembici, Audax Bikes, Pedal & here, Masterly, Accor Hotels – Ibis Budget Manaus, Valdemar Design, União de Ciclistas do Brasil (UCB), Brazilian Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers, mopeds, scooters, Bicycles and Similar (Abraciclo) and Solutions Network for the Amazon Sustainable Development (SDSN Amazônia).

"Making transport and more sustainable urban mobility is of vital importance for humanity and the planet. Furthermore, active mobility is a human right at all scales, which includes the right to ride ", points Nadia Aguiar.

The action is supported by Latam Airlines Brazil.



14 August – Tuesday (Pre-Forum)

Papo Sustentável - Sustainability Talks: Manaus and ODS. A new urban agenda.
19h to 20h, the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation – FAS

guests: Camila Lima (Global Goals Jam – GGJ), Telamon Firmino (Institute of Urban Planning of Manaus City Hall – IMPLURB), Fernanda Meirelles (IDESAM), Aline Cavalcante (Coalition Climate and Mobility – CCM), Mediator Eduardo Taveira (Amazonas Sustainable Foundation – FAS)


15 August - Wednesday

19h – Opening the 7th. FBM - Pedal Manaus

19h10 – 17 Aims to transform our world - Virgilio Viana / FAS

19h30 – The bicycle and 17 ODS to ONU: A new agenda for sustainable urban development - Suzana Nogueira / SP

19h50 – screening of the documentary The Missing Link - Renata Falzoni

20h30 – Round table

16 August - Thursday

19h – Lecture The Bicycle as a source of income and employment - John Ludgero / Abraciclo

19h20 – The panel Bicycle making cities and human settlements inclusive, insurance, resilient and sustainable.

Prof.. Dr. Geraldo Alves / UFAM

Prof.. Drag. Tatiana Schor / UFAM

Joe Wolf - Active Transportation / RJ

Mediator: Eduardo Taveira / FAS

20H15 – Round table

17 August - Friday

19h – Presentation and Award Finalists of the Notice Papers "The People Pedal and FAS"

19H45 – Presentation of the Forum Manifesto on the Use of Bicycle for Sustainable Cities and Commitment Letter "Active Mobility in Elections"

20H15 – Closing cocktail and Bike Draw



O Country: VII Bicycles Manaus Forum

When: 15 a 17 August 2018

Where: Amazonas Sustainable Foundation - FAS (R. Alvaro Braga, 351, Park 10)

As: Free - requires registration


For more information:


Contact: contato@pedalamanaus.org

phones: (92) 98261-8504 / (92)99200-9239