Open registration for exhibitors of the 4th edition of the Fair of FAS

3 th August 2018 - The results will be announced on Tuesday (7)

Foto por Dirce Quintino

Registrations varieties of exhibitors

Registrations gastronomic exhibitors

Estão abertas até a próxima segunda-feira (6) registrations to participate as Exhibitor varieties or gastronomic exhibitor da 4ª edição da Feira da Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS), que acontecerá no próximo dia 19 August. O evento acontecerá na sede da organização, na Rua Álvaro Braga, 351, Park 10 November.

The results will be announced on Tuesday (7). No sábado, 11 August, será realizada uma reunião obrigatória com os expositores, which will be passed on information and guidelines about the event.

A quarta edição da Feira da FAS contará com atrações culturais, musical, and entertainment for children. Since the first fair, It has been over 100 Exhibitors leading varieties, as clothing, accessories, crafts, and others, and also part of the gastronomic space of the fair.

"The FAS Fair is a place where the creative economy, education geared to sustainable development and the enhancement of regional culture is present ", explains the coordinator of Agenda FAS Sustainable Cities, Paula Gabriel.

The event is free and is part of Agenda FAS Sustainable Cities, that seeks to develop projects focused on the concepts of improvement of the city and urban sustainability, from the social mobilization and engagement, as Sustainable Turning Manaus, Reus, Dia Only, Sustainable chat and Award Turn Manaus. The event is held in partnership with the cultural producer Jander Manauara and Sustental Projects.

For questions and contacts, enter via e-mail, or by social media Foundation.