Community unite to boost production of açaí in the channel of the Madeira River

27 th August 2018 - The acai project Cituflex, communities Sao Jose do Cipotuba, Peacock bass and Flexal, receive technical advice from the Bolsa Floresta, desenvolvido pela FAS. Near 35 families are benefited by the initiative.


On Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Reserve, located in the countryside of Novo Aripuana (291km of Manaus), bordering entrepreneurs of São José do Cipotuba communities, Peacock bass and Flexal have conquered space in the local market with the development of the chain of açaí. The union of the three communities form the name "Acai Cituflex", the group of community that generates income for extractive 15 Direct families, Besides benefiting other 20 indirectly.

During the Asset Management Workshop held in RDS by Juma Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), through the Bolsa Floresta (BFP) and with support from the Amazon / BNDES Fund, representatives of the three communities showed willingness to professionalize the production of acai process in Cipotuba community, coming, So, extractive union for the production of acai Cituflex.

In Cipotuba community, FAS had already invested in acai chain with procurement of goods for the structuring, such as whisks, louçarias and freezers for storage of the product. A office, for the three communities, was the moment of participatory construction with all stakeholders to design and acai project management, besides being the time where all built together the operation of activities.

"The possibility of enhancing the productive chains of Juma, as in the case of acai, It implies the willingness of community members themselves to develop activities that enable income generation and improvement in quality of life. An appeal to the progress of the project, through the Bolsa Floresta Income, It was essential for them to reach the goal of undertaking. These form the, families benefited from the production of acai can continue living in their communities, no need to move to the cities to get their livelihood ", said the regional coordinator of the Bolsa Floresta, Marilso Silva.

Due to lack of electricity in the communities, the logistics to go to the municipality of Novo Aripuana buy ice to packaging of the pulp made the project financially unfeasible. The exit, So, It was to transfer activities to the municipality of Novo Aripuana, with donated space for the benefit of the acai chain, renovated with funds from the Bolsa Floresta. The expectation is that "Home of Acai Cituflex" act in the next five years for the production and processing of acai.

“Their will is to build a large processing plant to develop the productive chain of acai entire Juma and surrounding areas,. It's a dream that they will be able to achieve”, points Edmar Pereira, resident of the area and mobilizing project.

FAS operates in the Juma Reserve with income generation and community empowerment to acai chain from 2009. Only this year, 10 tons of products were sold between March and August, which brought an income of 20 thousand reais for 15 families directly and 20 indirectly in four months of operation of the project .

Exchange of experiences

During a office, a steady job evaluation and reflection was prepared by the Bolsa Floresta with entrepreneurs so that they holistically enxergassem the current Cituflex of acai project in order to, So, future planning to build an acai refinement plant in RDS Juma. At the time, It was raised the current progression of acai chain processing in the area of ​​RDS Madeira and the willingness of entrepreneurs to know the progress of the region.

The Foundation provided the entrepreneurs of RDS Juma exchange experiences with the Cooperative of Agricultural Producers and Extraction of Natural Resources of the Municipality of Manipur (Coopema).

The Coopema is covered by foot in Forest Notice, sponsored by FAS and Amazon Fund through the project "Support and Strengthening of agribusiness and extractive activities of the Municipality of Manipur". The cooperative develops various products from family farms as orange, watermelon, cassava and is nearing completion of an acai processing plant with capacity to produce two tons per hour.

“They visited the Manipur plant to make an exchange of lessons learned between producers, to understand how they work as a cooperative, in addition they can learn in practice on issues such as regulations, licensing and employment relationships to further implement with Acai Cituflex ", says Marilso.

Programa de Geração de Renda

FAS believes that encourage sustainable production is the best alternative for increasing the income generation of coastal and at the same time "make the forest worth more standing than cut". A Fundação desenvolve atividades nas 16 units Conservação (UC) onde atua o Programa de Geração de Renda (Bolsa Floresta Income), que busca contribuir em atividades econômicas já existentes e co-criar outras dentro da perspectiva da inovação e do desenvolvimento sustentável.