Education for sustainability is within Sustainable Papo theme in FAS headquarters

8 th August 2018 - Event is part of the Sustainable Papo series, which brings together personalities to discuss the Amazon Foundation

Event will present solutions to poverty in the Amazon Basin | Photo: Liana John

Friday (10) at 11 am, the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) promote a new edition of the Sustainable Chat, with the theme “Inside Education in the Age of Sustainable Development”. The event will be attended by renowned researcher and Reverend Daniel Groody e Sara Sievers, both professors of the University of Notre Dame US.

The event takes place at the FAS headquarters, Rua Álvaro Braga, 351, Park 10 November, and has limited enrollment, to ensure your place sign up by clicking here.

In this edition of the Sustainable Chat, the themes of human actions will be addressed, ethics and living in collective. In addition to dialogue, teachers will share their experiences in the field of education and how both have been working together with academics from the University of Notre Dame, a more ethical education and aware about the responsibility for coexistence in collective.

For the coordinator of the Amazon Program – EDI also MOROCCO, Laura Candelaria, the focus of the dialogue is beyond a mere dialogue, the ultimate goal is to bring the importance of living in collective.

"The aim of this dialogue is to seek that violate people about the importance of connecting with the existing purpose in life of each person; and how it is necessary to be less individualistic and terms aware that our everyday actions also influence in other areas of our lives, as professional and life in collective, and consequently, in the environment and in the world as a whole. We must have the awareness that our everyday actions also influence what we have sought: sustainable development, as says the concept of the term ", Laura says.

The guests

The Rev. Daniel Groody is associate professor of theology and global affairs and director of the Global Leadership Program of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, which is also a member of the faculty. Groody is a Catholic priest, Member of the Congregation of the Holy Cross and teacher, author and producer of award-winning films.

The work of Sara Sievers primarily focuses on achieving scale and impact the lives of underserved populations, through the expansion of evidence-based policy solutions, in partnership with national governments. It also led partnerships in different schools of Columbia University, bringing new technologies on monitoring, evaluation and tracking impact, to improve the governance and management of financial resources for the poor.

University of Notre Dame

It's an American private Catholic university linked to the Congregation of Holy Cross, located in South Bend, Indiana, U.S.. very respected institution and is among the most prestigious Catholic universities in the US and more than mundo.Criada 100 years, in 26 November 1842, by a French priest 28 years, Rev. Edward Sorin and seven companions, all members of the newly established Congregation of Holy Cross.