Enterprising ride studio to generate sustainable income in Rio Negro

21 th August 2018 - With support from the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and Amazon / BNDES Fund, business provides an opportunity for community riverside locations

Studio mounted by residents helps to generate income in the Rio Negro | Photo: Augusto Cezar

income-generating actions aimed at textile manufacturing are directly benefiting women Camara community, on Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Rio Negro. The Sustainable Chat, plus income, brings entrepreneurship prospects, business management and fosters self-esteem riverside women through the production and marketing of clothing in reserve.

The initiative has the support of the Amazon Fund / BNDES and established from the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), through the Bolsa Floresta (BFP), to identify the potential of Camara women with sewing. The community already had a sewing shop that was unusable, and community women leaders showed willingness to take what they had to do with the textile manufacturing grew in the region. FAS, So, provided technical and mechanical training courses to all women, and provides sewing machines, lines and tissues.

During the beginning of August they were taught cutting and sewing courses promoted by Senai (old) for the development of various items such as sweaters, shorts, underwear and school uniforms. The pieces that result from the course will be part of exhibitions at parties and other community spaces so that sales can be realized.

"They see the contract as the opening of a new range of opportunities from the moment we feel qualified to perform the clothing. They had machines, but they did not know how to use them, but now they have materials, knowledge and willpower to leverage their future business ", says coach Bolsa Floresta, Augusto Cezar.

For the next stage of Camara's clothing design, Community seek improvement and development of products for the improvement of the production process. To them, It will be given a second cutting and sewing stroke step to ensure the quality of their production, also by Foundation. Sede FAS, there will be a showcase to the pieces produced by the Women's Group Camará.

"The major benefit of the project is appreciation that each feels himself, from the moment in which they can contribute to the family income and professional activities that promote their own growth. Waiting-se, long-term, we can multiply these actions beyond the nearby communities and the Community can take their productions to Iranduba and Novo Airão and may also explore new possibilities ", said the regional coordinator of the Bolsa Floresta, Jousanete Dias.

Among 19 communities RDS Rio Negro, Chamber is the only one where there is a group of women entrepreneurs in the textile business, the Women's Group Sewing of Camara. A total of 10 women are engaged in the association.

Programa de Geração de Renda

FAS believes that encourage sustainable production is the best alternative for increasing the income generation of coastal and at the same time "make the forest worth more standing than cut". A Fundação desenvolve atividades nas 16 units Conservação (UC) onde atua o Programa de Geração de Renda (Bolsa Floresta Income), que busca contribuir em atividades econômicas já existentes e co-criar outras dentro da perspectiva da inovação e do desenvolvimento sustentável.