In September, international Global Goals Jam will take place for the first time in Manaus

23 th August 2018 - On June 18 September, The GGJ will take place in Manaus FAS headquarters, not park 10


The Global Goals Jam is a global event that takes place simultaneously in several cities in the world and this year will, in its third edition, the city of Manaus representing Brazil, along with Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

O event, designed by Digital Society School (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) along with UNDP (Portuguese acronym for UNDP – United Nations Development Program), It aims to awaken in people the potential to prepare draft agile focusing on agenda 2030 UN Goals and Sustainable Development (SDSN). In this third edition ODS been selected #1, #3, #5, #7 until #11 for use as background thematic.

In the first edition of the event, in 2016, were 17 selected cities and, the second in 2017, the number reached nearly 40. In both editions, Brazil was represented by the city of Rio de Janeiro, which was organized by the Department of Arts and Design at PUC-Rio University. This year will be different: Manaus entered the circuit and was one of the cities selected among more than 60 participants around the world. You can check the full list in

In Manaus, the event will be conducted over 4 meeting attendance (and mandatory!) entre os dias 14 until 22 of September, using tools based on methodologies of Design Thinking and Agile Development. Participants will be asked to identify challenges and real problems in the city context to quickly create solutions, but already considering the potential for implementation and sustainability. On June 18 of September, The GGJ will take place at the headquarters of Manaus Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS).

Focusing on the empowerment of enthusiastic people for a better world, Global Goals Jam Manaus 2018 It is directed at anyone, largest 18 years, the local community that is committed with the purpose of developing impact projects related to at least one of five selected ODS.

Registration is free, with limited spaces, and may be held between the day 29 de julho e 28 August 2018 through link:

Organization Global Goals Jam Manaus

Co-led by Information Experiences and Design Consultant Services Thinking, Camila Lima, the event organizers team is made up of friends and professionals with different backgrounds, but a common dream: transmit their knowledge so that people feel able to create impact solutions, viable and for the benefit of people and the planet.

also part of the team: Flavia Cerruti, Consultant in Social Innovation, Paula Monteiro, Information Service and Innovation, César Alcon, Entrepreneur and Information Marketing Specialist, Cleber Santos, expert mobility and engagement, Audi Arruda, Specialist Advertising, Marketing and Funding, Aldo Evangelista, Lawyer Specialist in Digital Law and Compliance and Gabriel Oliveira, Civil engineer focused on Sustainability and Innovation Projects.




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