Full Disclosure: FAS team safely in Carauari-AM

17 th August 2018 - Although the incident on Friday (17), stiffer team FAS follow on mission agreed with residents

Professional should have an interest in acting in riparian areas | Photo: Liana John

A boat with six people suffered an incident in Carauari-AM entry (788km of Manaus), on the morning of Friday (17). No injuries, nor material losses.

The boat was moving towards Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Uacari to accompany the planning management arapaima, which takes place from September, beyond the baseline for projects aimed at children and adolescents in the region. The ebb of the Juruá River hinders the navigability several vessels in the region, which results in more complex logistics in the missions until November.

After the incident, leveling the boat ashore. By Foundation security protocol, the team was with FAS phone via satellite, which enabled the real-time contact and support within minutes of local boats.

Despite activities, the embattled team follows FAS traveling in another vessel, fulfilling the schedule agreed with the residents of the reserve.