Sustainable production of watermelon crop has 50 tons in RDS Uatumã

13 th August 2018 - Irrigation system delivered by FAS Community helps improve production in clearings and keep the forest standing


*published in the journal Time, in 12 August

Watermelon production has brought a new perspective to the Rio Uatumã families, rural Itapiranga-AM (339 km of Manaus). With small investments defined in a participatory manner, riparian da Bela Vista community celebrate the production of 50 tons in the crop 2018, that in addition to self-supply, They were made to the supply of Presidente Figueiredo and Manaus.

The community receives incentives Income Generation Program of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation, that encourages participatory fashion designs that keep the forest standing. Through community decision in participatory workshops, com apoio do Fundo Amazônia/BNDES, They were constructed in 2017 a water collection system and irrigation to clearings, who had the reinforcement of good practice workshops for watermelon planting. The idea is to encourage the sustainable production as an alternative to illegal logging.

"The idea is to engage the community in projects that they already do every day. The Bela Vista community has the differential, within the RDS Uatumã, to have fertile soil for the production of crops such as watermelon. The irrigation system deployed in the region enables the professionalization of the process that the community has performed and has a direct impact on generating income for farming families ", says the mobilization assistant RDS Uatumã, Alexandre Bastos.

Revenue from watermelon turned around 26 thousand reais, which will be reversed in the development of own families and in the continuous improvement of the production chain. John Paul, resident of Bela Vista community, It tells how the system helped improve the activity.

"The support has helped us, because before I had no water pump motor, not nada, so irrigation was with rainwater, and the production was longer and less. The engine also helps in our own homes, win-win ", explains.

According to the manager of the PBF, Valcleia Solidade, investing in a production process of short range as the chain of watermelon is a way to allow that there is greater variety in the generation of income and, also, promote improved quality of community life.

"This production is one of the examples of the work that the FAS, develops in the Conservation Units (UC) Amazonas state for the development of family farming. The RDS is a region that Uatumã, naturally, Community generates income through tourism and watermelon comes as an alternative to complement the livelihoods of traditional peoples of the region. "

FAS, by GMP, acts in the RDS from Uatumã 2010 and three years ago it helps watermelon crop production in the region.

Programa de Geração de Renda

The incentive for the production of watermelon on RDS Uatumã is an activity embraced by the Income Generation Program, a pioneering initiative that aims to reward and improve the quality of life of coastal communities of the Amazon, responsible for environmental services provided by forests. The program is implemented in 16 Conservation Units (UC) state of sustainable use created in the Amazon.