social project encourages sustainable production of handicrafts in New Airão-AM

20 th August 2018 - Backed by foot in Forest Notice, action involves local youth in actions of sustainable income generation

Project promotes social activities for residents of New Airão-AM | Photo: FAM disclosure

One of the most traditional social projects of Novo Airão-AM (115 km of Manaus), the Almerinda Malachi Foundation (FAM) It has enhanced the craftsmanship production process with support from the Forest Notice Standing. A vocational training center recognized regionally, the organization is implementing with the support of FAS announcement and Amazon Fund / BNDES innovative and sustainable technologies, that in addition to improving manufacturing, should benefit 45 county families and heat production chain of local crafts.

In operation for more than 20 years, the Almerinda Malachi has as one of its objectives to develop new activities to generate income through handicrafts using waste and, also, role to expand the existing market, ensuring such income of old and new craftsmen.

The announcement of the resources available for the FAS allowed the construction of a solar dryer wood, structure should improve the quality of green wood, making it ideal for working with crafts, due to the drying process. The space is the result of a study by researcher Dr. Roland Vetter and staff of the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA).

"The solar dryer will allow us to manage to reach higher levels, because we will enhance the wood drying process while preserving its characteristics to the maximum. These form the, we will be delivering marquetry and crafts market with higher quality and security ", afirma Jean-Daniel Valloton, one of the founders of the organization and local manager of the project.

With the structure, the expectation is to train young people to reuse of solid waste generating income and developing the New Airão market, aiming to expand markets.

"The Notice Delivery direct support for Almerinda Malachi Foundation, mainly, empower young people in legal activities of reuse of solid waste that generate income and develop the market for Novo Airão national levels. The FAM permanently operates generating income through waste paper, wood, etc., the Notice has given us all the means to increase our impact ", Jean highlights.

Foot in Forest Notice, developed by FAS from a selection process with more than 181 proposals contained, seeks to support sustainable production arrangements developed within the state. There was 17 initiatives included, with investments totaling R $ 2,5 million reais. One of the support of the results is the increasingly growing engagement of organizations and beneficiaries.

"In our technical visits to institutions covered a community engagement was perceptible. People can already see the benefit brought by Notice in their communities and this process is done naturally and awareness as the projects reach maturity. Partner institutions are assisting with financial advice, administrative and developing social technologies for projects to have far-reaching in the communities where they are ", points Mickela Souza, coordinator of the Notice.

Project selection

The process of choosing the proposals had two analytical steps: the promising initiatives, to verify that the proposals were consistent with the criteria and scope of the notice, and second, detailed projects, in which an analysis was made of the information clearly, budget and schedule of activities by an independent evaluation committee. Currently, the team coordinating the Notice follows the technical support step in managing the projects approved in order to assist in the optimization of the results of projects that have to 12 a 18 months of validity.