Reporters Forest Project students receive visit from Miss Brazil Mayra Dias

19 September 2018 - Applicant to Miss Universe, journalist Amazon elected most beautiful woman in Brazil adopts the Amazon as a cause

Miss Brazil met young people who transform reality itself | Photo: Bruno Kelly

Newly sworn ambassador Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), Miss Brazil Be Emotion and Amazon Mayra Dias traveled on Monday (17) to Tumbira community (Iranduba-AM), a 74 km of Manaus, on Sustainable Development Reserve (Reserve) Rio Negro, to meet and interact with young people bordering served by Amazon NGO. The action is part of a series of agendas focused on sustainability adopted by Miss, Disputing in November the post of Miss Universe in Bangkok, in Thailand.

Mayra, born in Itacoatiara, It was received by 20 young community students, as well as the indigenous ethnic Kambeba, who came from the village Three States to meet her. The students were in costumes and traditional paintings, and present, Miss invited to join the project, that with support from the Amazon Fund / BNDES and Samsung, seeks to train young residents of Protected Areas (UC) to portray the reality through educommunication.

"I was honored to be invited. Journalism was a tool that gave me the experience and expertise necessary for me to have a greater ease as the voice and posture. This learning that they are having to educational communication will be essential so that they can tell their stories and show the Amazon to the world ", said Mayra.

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Students had the opportunity to experience a PR workshop with Mayra, which drew up questions about the life of Miss Amazon, his experience as a university student and professional journalism and dreams that Amazon has for the future. The manager of the Education and Health Program (PES) FAS, Anderson Mattos, points out that the visit of Miss delivery to Reporters Forest a new perspective.

"Listen to Miss Brazil is a unique opportunity that they will have this journey of reporters in their communities. Through this, may produce and disseminate all they heard and the process of storytelling with their own look of the communities where they live and study, so, only enhances ", points.

Action for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDSN), UN

Along with students, Mayra also participated in a workshop on the facilitation 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDSN) UN, commitments signed by 193 countries with targets for poverty eradication, improving education, health and other to 2030. During the action, Miss made sure to listen and discuss with students about dreams and ideals for a better life in the community.

"Dreams and ideas are part of transforming reality by starting now. Very nice to know that here they have been moving toward a sustainable future, and this is something we need to share to the world ", Mayra emphasized.

In groups, students presented ideas on the theme "How do we want the communities 2030?”, which formed the basis for the construction of a letter signed by 20 students. A estudante Odenilze Ramos, 19, participante do projeto Repórteres da Floresta, read and handed the document to Mayra, it must be delivered to global leaders in sustainability during the week the weather in New York, next week.

"We know that young people can build a prosperous future and the presence of Miss Brazil here shows that we can get very far", commented Odenilze.

At the end of the program, students accompanied Mayra Dias in planting a seedling of açaí, on the edge of Tumbira community, symbolizing all that was built over the workshop.

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Charter of Amazon for young Agenda 2030

To Mr. Jeffrey Sachs, general head of Solutions Network for Sustainable Development (SDSN) of the United Nations.

Dear Jeffrey,

Write this letter 19 young residents of Sustainable Development Reserves (Reserve) Rio Negro and the Environmental Protection Area of ​​Rio Negro. We deliver it to you by Mayra Dias, Miss Brazil as we, that came from the forest.

We would like you, as representatives of global solutions, help us to have our sustainable communities, we can be happy where we live.

May we together with SDSN Network organize more workshops and conversation circles, so that we have gender equality in communities and men, women, LGBT people are respected.

To reduce inequalities, no ODS 16, that traditional populations have a more equal and just life, Contribute to solutions to reduce poverty in communities.

We also need your support to create a group of environmental education to discuss the effects of climate change, through impact actions. We must act urgently!

Our communities want decent support for garbage collection: that em 2030 we already have a system of treatment of our waste, with actions such as Ecobrics, that they are recyclable bricks made in the community.

Relative to ODS 3, of health, missing posts and drugs in communities: we need to help us find solutions to access decent health. Regarding the ODS drinking water, number 6, we have access to drinking water, without leaving our community.

In relation to Quality Education, Our dream for 2030 It is to have at least two schools in each community, with compromised classroom teaching, and the technology-mediated teaching that works.

We have equipment for timber managed, and also greater support to market legal timber. We want in 2030 solar energy for all coastal communities, like ours.

Our dream is to have more fruits and fish, Support initiatives so that people do not destroy our source of livelihood. We will fight so that all are aware and keep our rivers clean. And it will help us to encourage responsible consumption in the regions where we live.

Por fim, we need decent jobs and sustainable activities such as tourism, handicraft, fisheries management and forest management.

Sign this letter:

Luana Melissa, Brito Krisiane, Daniele Cruz, Tharliany Monteiro, Victoria Diniz, Tailane Cruz, Eloísa Galvão, tainara Cruz, Lice keys Ana, Lorena victory, Paulo Cesar, Geovana Barbosa, Gaby Oliveira, Ingrid Naiany, Fernanda Mattos, Renan Castro, taila Pod, Ketellem Yara And Mayra Dias